About the Program

Baking & Pastry Arts

Graduates of this associate degree program are prepared to enter the workforce as journeyman bakers, assistants to pastry chefs, retail bakery management trainees or commercial bakers. This program is also designed to prepare entrepreneurs who desire to own and operate a bakery or café. 

The baking principles and skills necessary to become a baking and pastry arts professional are emphasized in this program. This is accomplished through a variety of assignments where the basic techniques of baking are applied in the production of baked items on a small scale. This application is further reinforced through production on a larger scale of quality baked items on a consistent basis for retail sale and commercial use. 

In addition to producing high quality baked goods for resale, the business side of bakery operations is learned by operating a retail outlet located on campus as a part of the course work. Students will incorporate their technical skills with the business practices necessary to merchandise product and manage the A.P. Smith’s commercial bakery outlet. All of this learning is further reinforced and integrated through the completion of a 400-hour industry work experience. 

Graduates of the A.A.S. baking program may transfer many credits toward the culinary arts and service management, B.P.S., degree.

A minimum of 62 credits are required for the baking and pastry arts degree. A minimum of 21 credits of liberal arts courses are needed for graduation.

400 hours of industry work experience is required to graduate.

Industry work experience is non-credit bearing and there are no charges for the course. Students who choose to complete this course alone during a semester will not be considered as an enrolled student during that particular semester.


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