Food Service and Beverage Management

Food service and beverage managers are the heart and soul of the hospitality industry, guaranteeing that restaurants and other establishments around the world run smoothly. Their main responsibility is to oversee the food and beverage preparation process and ensure its delivery to their customers. Additionally, these managers put emphasis on the importance of the customer’s satisfaction with their dining experience. After all, a satisfied and well-fed customer is a happy customer!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

“Those with a degree in hospitality, restaurant or food service management should have the best job opportunities.”

 If you are looking to start your food and beverage management career path or even gain new skills in this field, then Paul Smith’s College is the perfect place for you. At Paul Smith’s you will not only get the skills needed to be an excellent manager but you will gain creativity and business skills with our experiential learning opportunities. By working in our two-student run restaurants on campus, you will become a well- rounded student and prepared to serve all the needs of the food and beverage industries. 

Our programs allow you the option to create menus, determine the service needs, and lead personnel to meet those needs. You will develop the ability to detect food service trends, awareness of customer needs, and a foundation in the technical aspects of front of the house management.

You will gain experience in the following aspects of the industry:

  • Foundations of culinary arts and service management, including international cuisine and introductions to beverage and table service
  • Hospitality and general management, including cultural enology and futures in the hospitality industry
  • Financial accounting and decision making, with special attention to the food and beverage sector



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