Centers & Institutes

Our unique location and faculty expertise make Paul Smith’s College an engine of research into biodiversity, wildlife conservation, and sustainable management of private and public lands.

Paul Smith’s three major research centers and institutes are housed in the LEED-certified Countess Alicia Spaulding Paolozzi Environmental Science and Education Center (Paolozzi Center). 

Adirondack Watershed Institute

AWI scholars and students study the health of the Adirondack Park’s complex aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Research projects are lead by Paul Smith’s faculty, but undergraduates are deeply involved in hands-on research through course-based fieldwork as research assistants, summer interns or as part of a senior capstone project. 

Adirondack Research Consortium

The ARC is a collaboration between academic researchers from Paul Smith’s, local business leaders, non-profit organizations and government officials.

The ARC informs and guides public policy to ensure the future vitality of the Adirondack Park and surrounding lands, in addition to sponsoring an annual conference in Lake Placid where researchers, writers and policymakers share information and plan for the future of our beloved Adirondack region.  

Center for Adirondack Biodiversity

The central mission of CAB is to survey and catalog the evolving biodiversity of the Adirondack ecosystem through the Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI). CAB invites students and community members to participate in an all-species inventory through community events like “Bioblitzes” and partnerships with organizations like the Nature Conservancy and the Wild Center.


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