Integrated General Education

Regardless of your major, when you graduate from Paul Smith’s College you will have the competence and skills necessary to become productive citizens in today’s world. To meet that goal, our Integrated General Education (IGE) program focuses on five important literacy areas:

  • Analytical Reasoning and Scientific Inquiry – You will be able to generate meaning by using appropriate research methodologies to collect, analyze, evaluate and synthesize data.
  • Quantitative Problem Solving – You will be able to apply quantitative and mathematical methods and models to develop potential solutions to real-world problems.
  • Written Communication – You will be able to communicate organized and informed ideas clearly and persuasively to diverse audiences in writing.
  • Cultural and Community Engagement – You will be able to collaborate, interact and empathize with individuals and groups who represent diverse cultures and contemporary and historic perspectives.
  • Personal Responsibility and Expression – Using a variety of modes and media, you will be able to creatively express an informed point of view regarding human experience, cultures, values, and choices in a manner appropriate to audience and context.

Each literacy is introduced, reinforced and expanded across the Paul Smith’s College experience. In this way students are encouraged to make connections between liberal arts, discipline, curricular, and co-curricular experiences.


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