Situated on the shores of St. Regis Lake amidst forests, lakes, streams and wetlands, 
Paul Smith’s College is an ideal place to pursue your biology degree. Our campus sits in the heart of the Adirondacks, a 6-million-acre park that encompasses everything from boggy wetland to alpine forest and contains a dazzling variety of plant and animal life. The Adirondacks are a living laboratory, and a key part of your studies. The United Nations has declared the region part of an international biosphere reserve. 

Biology is the study of the inner workings of living organisms and their interaction with each other and with their environment. It can be studied at many levels – focusing on the cell, the organism, or the ecosystem. A biologist may concentrate on individual molecules within cells, may become an expert in the natural history of a particular species or may work with other scientists to understand the effects of environmental change on living things.  

The cornerstone of our biology program is the hands-on approach to learning for which Paul Smith’s College is known. Our biology faculty combine innovative classroom methods and field and laboratory technology to develop students’ inquiry skills and science literacy as they build their knowledge and prepare 
to enter the workforce or graduate school.

Our diverse faculty have interests and expertise in the study of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, plants, invasive species and ancient sediments. The collective expertise of the faculty also includes techniques for studying everything from the ecology of a natural population to the genetic makeup of an insect. Faculty often work with interested students on scientific research questions.


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