Environmental Science

If you’re interested in the environment, there is no better place to study it than the Adirondacks. 

Paul Smith’s College sits in the heart of this 6-million-acre park that encompasses everything from boggy wetland to alpine forest and contains a dazzling variety of plant and animal life. The United Nations has declared the region part of an international biosphere reserve. 

Your environmental science classes will take full advantage of our location. The cornerstone of our environmental science program is the hands-on approach to learning for which Paul Smith’s College is known. Our environmental science faculty combine innovative classroom methods with field and laboratory technology to develop students’ inquiry skills and science literacy as they build their knowledge and prepare to enter the workforce or graduate school.

The college’s commitment to experiential learning is evident in this program, which exposes students to environmental technologies such as geographic information systems and DNA barcoding. Environmental science students get the opportunity to carry out scientific research as part of their capstone project.

Best of all, Paul Smith’s College graduates are prepared to thrive in field settings. They have actively learned skills in the outdoors, paving the way to put theory into practice as they embark upon their careers. 


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