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The forestry bachelor’s degree builds on the long tradition of forestry education at Paul Smith’s College. The strength of the program is the foundation of technical, field-based and experiential education that is available to students that combines forest science theory and practice. Although it is not required, students in the forestry bachelor’s program may also acquire one of our two-year technical degrees.

There are three concentrations available within the forestry bachelor’s degree program. Ecological forest management is the most general of these and will prepare students for positions with government forestry agencies, forestry consulting firms and non-governmental organizations. The forestry operations concentration is best-suited for students interested in working for forest products companies or running their own forest products firm. Forest biology, a science-based concentration, is ideal for a student who plans to go on to graduate school and specialize in a field such as forest ecology or forest entomology.

Regardless of the concentration, graduates of the forestry program are also well prepared to continue their studies in graduate school if they choose. Each graduate of this program will have completed a rigorous core curriculum that includes forestry and related courses. The student will also have acquired the solid foundation in liberal arts and sciences, as well as in communications skills, necessary to be an effective professional and a responsible citizen.

A minimum of 121 credits with a minimum of 40 credits 
of 300/400 level courses and 60 credits of liberal arts and 
sciences credits is required for the B.S. degree.

The bachelor’s degree in forestry at Paul Smith’s College is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). The Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes SAF as the specialized accrediting body for forestry education 
in the United States.


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