Natural Resource Management & Policy

The Adirondacks are not just our home - they’re a living laboratory that is the educational focus of the natural resource management and policy program. For more than 100 years within the Adirondack Park, public and private interests have worked to balance environmental protection with economic vitality. During your studies at Paul Smith’s College, you will work on real-life issues associated with management of watersheds, land use planning, environmental impact assessment and more. You’ll develop real solutions to problems associated with these issues, including a capstone project that takes place in the final semester. 

Few things are more important to human societies than the wise and sustainable management of natural resources. As human populations continue to grow in size and affluence, the pressure to use natural resources will only continue to increase, as will the number of conflicts surrounding their use. To be effective in dealing with these challenges, natural resource managers of the 21st century will require a sound understanding of the sciences that apply to natural resources, an understanding of how decisions regarding their use are made, and excellent communication skills.

The natural resource management and policy program prepares students for the 
challenges ahead with an approach based on a blend of the natural and environmental sciences, technical training in natural resource management-related subjects, and a solid foundation of the liberal arts. Included in this blend are numerous opportunities to take highly experiential courses that will have students out in the forests, on the lakes or in the wetlands that surround the campus. Graduates of this program are well prepared for positions with local, state and federal agencies involved in natural resource management or environmental consulting firms and non-profit environmental organizations.


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