Required Courses

Natural Resource Management & Policy

Program Core Requirements

Watershed Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Capstone Project
Environmental Law & Regulatory Processes
Sustainable Development
Natural Resource Economics
Nature and Art

Experiential Electives

Choose 2 courses from the following list:

Adirondack Expedition
Arboriculture I
Arboriculture II
Draft Horse Management
Environmental Chemistry
Field Surveying I/II
Fisheries Techniques
Forest Measurements
Forest Soils
Insects and Diseases of Trees
Interpreting the Environment
Introduction to Fisheries & Wildlife Management
Introduction to Forestry

Introduction to GIS
Introduction to Recreation
Maple Syrup & Sap Production
Outdoor Recreation Leadership

Outdoor Recreation Practicum
Physics I
Physics II
Principles of Surveying
Recreation Leadership & Maintenance
Introduction to Field Surveying
Timber Harvesting
Winter Recreation
Wood Properties & Production Processes

Distributive Areas of Knowledge Courses

Choose 4 courses, one each from the 
following “Areas of Knowledge”
(preferably at the 300/400 level):

Environmental Science

Conservation Biology
Environmental Chemistry
Fisheries Techniques
Forest Ecology
Plant Biology
Microbial Ecology
Plant Physiology
Techniques in Wildlife Management
Understory and Ground Cover
Wetlands Ecosystems & Management
Winter Ecology  

Monitoring and Evaluation

Advanced GIS Techniques


Conservation Law Enforcement

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Resource Analysis
Fisheries Techniques

Geospatial Information Technology 
for Forestry

GIS Applications

Introduction to GIS

Intro to Remote Sensing
Microbial Ecology
Wetlands Ecosystems & Management  

Liberal Studies  

American Labor Movement

Contemporary Environmental
Contemporary Political Systems
Cultural Anthropology
Geography of World Cultures
Mobility in Modern Society
Philosophy of Nature

Public Participation/

Advanced GIS Techniques

Business Ethics & Decision Making

Contemporary Environmental Writers
Dispute Management

Strategic Planning & Policy
Writing on Nature and the Environment  

Management and Policy Elective Requirements

Choose 4 courses from the following. Must be at the 300/400 level:

Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency

Conservation Design: Green Construction

Dispute Management

Ecological Change & Society
Fisheries Management

Forest Policy

Land Use Planning

Stream Ecology & Management

Techniques in Wildlife Management

Visitor Management Services

Wetlands Ecosystems & Management

Wilderness Management


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