Required Courses

Parks, Recreation & Facilities Management

Program Requirements

English Comp I
First Year Seminar
Recreation & Leisure in U.S.
Environmental Resource Analysis
Facilities Management
Diversity & Inclusion by Design
Financial Decision Making
Risk Management & Liability
Visitor Management Services
Park & Recreation Design
Integrated Park Management capstone

Human Dimension Electives (12 credits)

Shattering Gender Stereotypes
Dispute Management
Writing on Nature & the Environment
Contemporary Environmental Writers
World Literature
Nature & Art
Philosophy of Nature
Cultural Anthropology
Human Resource Management
Business Ethics & Decision Making
Operations Management
Environmental History & Social Justice
American Labor Movement

Natural World Electives (12 credits)

Conservation Design: Green Construction
Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency
Ecological Change & Society
Forest Soils
Natural Resource Economics
Understory & Ground Cover Flora
Sustainable Development
Ornamental Dendrology
Forest Policy
Forest Ecology
Watershed Management
Land Use Planning
Environmental Impact Assessment
Conservation Biology

Minimum of 121 credits necessary for B.S. degree, with at least 45 credits in 300/400 level courses and 60 credits in liberal arts and sciences.



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