Surveying Technology

The surveying technology program has an extraordinary success rate for the education and placement of our surveying graduates. An overwhelming majority of our students find work during and after graduating from Paul Smith’s—and at competitive salaries.

Surveying is the science and practice of measuring the physical 
features of the earth using specialized equipment and procedures to obtain highly accurate results. 

The surveying technology program at Paul Smith’s College seeks to produce graduates who have the knowledge, technical skills and professional predisposition necessary for entry-level positions in this rapidly changing profession. Graduates will be capable of advancing in the profession to the level of licensed land surveyor. Upon graduation, students will be able to select appropriate measurement systems, analyze positional accuracy in conformance with appropriate standards and prepare land records and plats to meet legal requirements. Specifically, students will be able to do the following:

Prepare maps and drawings utilizing standard surveying methods and technology.

Stake out surveys for construction projects.

Plan and conduct land subdivisions.

Research and prepare boundary map and surveyor’s report in compliance with legal requirements.

Communicate, reason and interact in a professional manner.

Career opportunities in surveying are available with local surveying companies, engineering firms, federal, state and local government agencies, and large landowning companies. 

Experienced instructors

Our surveying faculty has experience as licensed land surveyors, geographic information systems managers, Global Positioning Systems managers and in natural resources management.


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