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As a transfer student you want to know “How long will I have left, how much will it cost, and when can I start!” We have individuals here to ensure that those questions can be answered in the admissions process.

Generally, courses in which you have achieved a “C-“ or higher will transfer toward your degree at Paul Smith’s College, as long as there is a comparable course offered that applies toward the particular track of study you have selected. Courses transferred in must come from an accredited college or university, as determined by the Registrar’s Office. Your GPA from any prior college work does not transfer; only the credits do.

Upon acceptance to Paul Smith’s College you will receive a transcript evaluation to outline which of your courses transferred for credit, along with the courses you need to complete in order to earn your degree. Paul Smith’s College operates on what is called a “rolling admissions” process, meaning that we will accept applications on a continuous basis throughout the year. There is no May 1st deadline.

The easiest and most affordable way to apply is online. There is no application fee if you apply here for the fall or spring semesters. Once we receive your application, we will begin looking for the other documents we need to complete your application:

  1. Submit official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities you have previously attended, regardless of the amount of credits attempted or earned.
  2. If you have completed less than one full semester at college, you must submit your high school transcript. Once you complete your application for admissions, please send your high school guidance office a request for your transcript. For your convenience, feel free to use this form.
  3. Letters of Recommendation and a personal statement are encouraged for all applications, but are not required. Once your application is complete you will generally know of an admissions decision within two weeks.

Detailed information and specific policies about transfer credits published in the Paul Smith’s College catalog can be found here.

If you are mailing in references, transcripts or personal statements, please submit materials to:

Paul Smith’s College Sporck Admissions Building

P.O. Box 265 Rt. 30 & 86

Paul Smiths, NY 12970-0265

For questions or if you would like to set up an appointment to have transcripts evaluated or book a tour, please call: 800-421-2605 / 518-327-6227 or email at