Gardening the Easy Way- Feldenkrais

Gardening the Easy Way - 17 May, 2pm to 5pm
     Gardening requires a wide range of movements from the entire body. If done with little self awareness and without knowing your body mechanics, this can cause harm and pain in the joints and muscles.
     This 3-hour workshop will use the Feldenkrais Method to discover how you can move with more efficiency and less stress in your garden. Awareness through Movement lessons will help you to learn to weed out improper gardening movement habits. This workshop will include hands-on practice with garden tools. You will get to know very practical techniques in the following areas (important not only for gardeners):
          - Kneeling & Reaching (for weeding)
          - Bending over comfortably
          - Lifting (heavy loads)
          - Shoveling & Digging using the whole body
     This is a wonderful way to experience how the Feldenkrais Method can help you to improve your movement and your joy for gardening.
Please contact Patricia Coppola at if you are interested in one, or both of the workshops. Current students and recent graduates may participate free of charge, all others $25 per session. If you are interested in learning more about somatic education refer to Uwe's website

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