Feldenkrais for the Upper Back, Shoulder and Neck

It is a pleasure to announce that Uwe Mester of Vermont Feldenkrais will, once again, be on campus for another somatic education workshop (Experiential Education at its best).  The details specific to the workshop are below:
Saturday, September 20, 2014 (10am to 12:30pm) -  Feldenkrais for the Upper Back, Shoulder and Neck ($25)
     Life often takes a heavy toll on our upper back, shoulders and neck - whether sitting at your desk, in your car, talking on the telephone while multi-tasking, or experiencing family or job stress, one result is a high level of discomfort and pain.
     This Feldenkrais Workshop is designed to help you to integrate your upper back, shoulders and neck to experience comfort and a greater range of motion. You will learn to alleviate stress and find more flexibility by using your whole self.
     You do not need prior experience to enjoy this workshop.
College students may receive a full scholarship for this workshop.
Two full scholarships are available for anyone else interested in attending the session. As the workshops are popular, please send an email indicating your interest (or telephone: 518: 327-6097). All names will be placed in a hat and 2 will be randomly chosen to attend. Please, feel free to share this information with a relative, friend, or someone who may benefit from such a workshop.

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