Substance Abuse Services

The Student Development Center offers counseling, education and referral for students having trouble with substances, who have family members who are substance abusers, or who simply want more information. The center also offers the SAFE (Substance Assessment for Education) program.

Counselors are happy to work with individuals or groups whose lives are affected by substances. We work closely with and refer people to North Star Substance Abuse and St. Joseph's Outpatient Clinic for prevention and treatment.

The SAFE Program (Substance Assessment for Education) is a program of individual assessment and education for students who have had at least one alcohol or other drug violation. The purpose of the program is to prevent substances from interfering with the student's academic and life goals while keeping that individual enrolled at Paul Smith's. It is neither an AA program, a punishment, nor an assumption that the student has a serious problem with drugs and/or alcohol. It enables a student to assess his/her use, look for possible problems, and receive some information about substances. SAFE is an assessment that helps students work with a counselor in examining their decisions to use either alcohol or drugs, evaluate that use, make informed decisions, recognize abusive behavior, and give that student more information about alcohol and/or marijuana. The program may individually or in a group setting help a student work on his/her personal needs around substance use. It may involve outside evaluation. Outside evaluation and treatment may be required, and the student is usually deals with this concern at home.

Options for the program are at the discretion of the counselor and may include:

  • An initial assessment and online education
  • An initial assessment and 2 hours of personalized education
  • A referral for off campus evaluation and treatment if necessary. (A list of local agency resources is available through the Student Development Center.)
Students generally are allowed 4 weeks to complete these requirements.



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