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Abrams, Matthew
Admissions Counselor
Sporck Admissions Building
(518) 327-6110

Abt, Alec
Culinary Management Faculty
Cantwell Hall 215

Ackerman, Hannah
Assistant Director of Admissions
Sporck Admissions Building
(518) 327-6021

Agnew, Raymond
Vice President for College Advancement
Phelps Smith Administration Building 212

Aicher, Russ
Forestry Faculty
Freer Science Building 106

Alexander, Susan
Business and Hospitality Faculty
Cantwell Hall 206

Andermatt, Andrew
Environment and Society Faculty
Pickett Hall 207

Bailey, Matthew
PC Technician
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 112
(518) 327-6465

Bard, Melinda Bard
Academic Success Counselor
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 120
(518) 327-6444

Barney, Richard
Campus Safety Officer
Campus Safety Building

Barney, Brittany
2nd Assistant Basketball Coach
Saunders Sports Complex

Beccaria, Michael
Director of Library Services and Information Technology
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 118

Bennett, Bob
Communications Coordinator
Phelps Smith Administration Building 207

Betts, Lori
Sodexo Campus Dining Service
Joan Weill Student Center

Bogdanovitch, Sally
Forestry Faculty
Freer Science Building 205

Boone, Dominique
Coach and Sports Information Director
Saunders Sports Complex

Boykin, Joshua
Natural Science Faculty
Freer Science Building 215

Brandis, James
Sugar Bush Manager
Sugar Bush
(518) 327-3574

Braun, Keith*
Assistant Director of Enrollment
Sporck Admissions Building

Breyette, Victoria
Culinary Management Faculty
Cantwell 218

Bridgeman, Julie
Software & Database Administrator
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 112
(518) 327-6288

Brieant, Charles “Chip”
Trail Groomer-VIC
(518) 327-6241

Bringley, Courtney
Director, Academic Success Center
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 204

Brown, Sandra
Deans & Faculty Office Secretary
Pickett Hall 107

Buckley, Mark
Athletics – Coach
Saunders Sports Complex

Buriello, Monica
TRiO Student Support Services Counselor
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 207B

Burns, Peter
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Sporck Admissions Building

Burslem, Renee
College Advancement
Phelps Smith Administration Building 216

Bushey, Rodney
Saunders Sports Complex

Carlin, Jane
Assistant to the Registrar
Phelps Smith Administration Building 112

Carpenter, Christina
Volleyball Coach
Saunders Sports Complex

Case, Vanessa
Accommodative Services Office Manager
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 209

Castine, Kristina
TRiO Academic Skills Coordinator
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 207

Cejtin, Mikael
Natural Science Adjunct Faculty
Pickett Hall 107

Cerialo, Kelly
Business and Hospitality Faculty
Pickett Hall 219

Chaisson, Ph.D., William
Environment and Society Adjunct Faculty
Freer Science Building 108

Chamberlain, Mary Ellen
Director of Financial Aid
Phelps Smith Administration Building 103

Chick, Timothy
Forestry Adjunct Faculty
Picket Hall 107

Clemens*, Joshua
1st Assistant Basketball Coach
Saunders Sports Complex

Coddington-Burnett, Amy
Food and Beverage Trainer
Cantwell 205

Cogan, Stacy
Facilities Office Manager
Facilities Building

Cohen, Ph.D., Kenneth
Environment & Society Faculty
Pickett Hall 101B

Coleates, Coleates, Heather
Stewardship Program Administrator- AWI
Paolozzi Center

Collins, Todd
Sodexo Campus Dining Service ~ Executive Chef
Joan Weill Student Center

Conover, Ross
Natural Science Faculty
Pickett Hall 212

Conto, Joseph
Department Chair of Business and Hospitality
Pickett Hall 210

Coppola, Patricia
AWI-Human Resources Assistant
Phelps Smith Administration Building 002

Coulantes, Noel
Library Technician
Joan Weill Adirondack Library

D’Allegro, Ed.D., Mary Lou
Associate Provost
Pickett Hall 107f
(518) 327-6056

Demong, Helen
Environment and Society Adjunct Faculty
Adirondack Alliance Church

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