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DeWitt, Amy
Culinary Management Faculty
Cantwell Hall 208
(518) 327-6135

Dodds, Marcella
Business Office Clerk
Phelps Smith Administration Building 110

Dougherty, Matthew
Recreation Coordinator
Saunders Sports Complex 106
(518) 327-6389

Dove, Ed.D., Cathy
Phelps Smith Administration Building 202

Dragon, Patricia
Bookstore Clerk
Joan Weill Student Center

Dutcher, Debra
Career Services Coordinator
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 206

Dybfest-Muha, Philip
Cross Country & Bowling Coach
Buxton 118

Edwards, Ph.D., Karen
Department Chair of Environment and Society
Pickett Hall 220

Elliott, Tracy
Academic Success Center
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 102

Ellis, Stephen
Non-Faculty Support in Forestry
Freer Science Building 203

Evans, Ph.D., Celia
Natural Science Faculty
Freer Science Building 218

Falkenham, David
Forest Manager
Tomkins Forestry-Facilities Building

Farmer, Colleen
Per Diem Nurse
Joan Weill Student Center 003

Favreau, Ph.D., Jorie
Department Chair of Natural Science
Freer Science Building 213C

Fiacco, Philip
Campus Emergency Management, Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
Phelps Administration Building 001

Fredericks, Shawn
Assistant Basketball Coach
(518) 327-6097

Fuller, Stephen
Clerk The Packbasket
Joan Weill Student Center

Garretson, Bethany
Environment and Society Faculty
Paul Smith’s College VIC

Garrett-Sharp, Lisa
Interim Director of Counseling
Counseling Center- Joan Weill Student Center 017

Garver, Brenda
Human Resources Generalist
Phelps Smith Administration Building 003

Gay, Teresa
Coordinator of New Student Orientation and Student Conduct
Joan Weill Student Center 006

Glenn, Kate
Environment and Society Faculty
Pickett Hall 109

Gole, William
Business and Hospitality Adjunct Faculty
Pickett Hall 107

Groves, Daniel
Forestry Adjunct Faculty
Freer Science Building 103

Hanifin, Martin
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Phelps Smith Administration Building 111

Henderson, Lauren
Paolozzi Center

Henderson, Ph.D., Joseph
Environment and Society Adjunct Faculty
Pickett Hall 107

Hiesl, Ph.D., Patrick
Forestry Faculty
Freer Science Building 208

Holmlund, Ph.D., Eric
Environment and Society Faculty
Paolozzi Center

Huber, Thomas
TRiO Student Support Services Director
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 207A

Hunt-Bull, Ph.D., Nicholas
Phelps Smith Administration Building 205

Hutti, Kayla C.
Financial Aid Assistant
Phelps Smith Administration Building 103

Jackson, Karen
Director of the Office of Engagement
Pickett Hall 222
(518) 327-6410

Johnson, Alicia
ES/Custodial Manager
Facilities Building

Johnson, Erik
Environment and Society Faculty
Pickett Hall 221

Johnson, Ph. D., Melanie
Natural Science and Forestry Faculty
Pickett Hall 213

Johnstone, Andrew
Digital Media Specialist
Phelps Smith Administration Building 207
(518) 524-6355

Jones, Amanda
Interim Coordinator of Residence Life
Joan Weill Student Center 005
(518) 327-6488

Joyce, Cheryl
Natural Science Faculty
Freer Science Building 105

Keck, Kathleen
Executive Assistant to the President
Phelps Smith Administration Building 202

Kelly, Andrew
Tech Services / Cataloger Librarian
Joan Weill Adirondack Library 203

Kelting, Ph.D., Daniel
Forestry Faculty: Executive Director of Adirondack Watershed Institute
Pickett Hall 107; Paolozzi Center 202

Kirche, Donald*
Environment and Society Faculty
Freer Science Building 104 & Phelps Smith Administration Building 114
(518)327-6265 & 6243

Klohmann, Nicole
Admissions Counselor
Sporck Admissions Building
(518) 327-6229

Kraatz, Robert*
Forestry Faculty
Saratoga Hall

Krehbiel, Christine
Bookstore Clerk
Campus Bookstore
(518) 327-6314

Labarre, Travis
Campus Safety Officer
Campus Safety

LaPointe, Keith
Sodexo- General Manager
Joan Weill Student Center

Lawrence, Lisa
Campus Safety Officer
Campus Safety Building

Laxson, Corey*
Adirondack Watershed Institute Research Associate II
Paolozzi Center

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