Evans, Dr. Celia Ann

Associate Professor of Ecology
Freer Science, 218
(518) 327-6460
Year Started at Paul Smith's:  2001


I've been at PSC for over 8 years now and teach General Ecology, Winter Ecology, Physiological Ecology, Plant Physiology, Wetland Ecosystems and Management and the Capstone Planning and Project courses.

My favorite part of my career is working on fun and interesting research (doesn't matter whose ideas we start with!!) with motivated and interested undergraduate students and colleagues here at PSC and at other places. Who needs grad students when you have PSC students who work hard and love to learn!!

I have two daughters, 2 dogs and 2 cats and in my spare time am a canoe paddler and lover of cross country and back country skiing and am a folk singer/songwriter.

Interests and Activities

I'm a plant physiological ecologist and biogeochemist by training. My work has been on Salamanders as indicators of ecosystem function, the impacts of Beech Bark disease on managed and preserved forests in the Adirondacks, and on the Browse preferences and patterns of snowshoe hares, as it relates to the availability and chemical defense compounds in their browse. I did a post doctoral stint in science education and so am still working with research on Science literacy and sense of place in K-12 students.

Academic Background

1999 Ph.D. Dartmouth College Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
1991 M.S. University of Toronto Botany
1985 B.A. Humboldt State University Biology

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