Kelting, Daniel L.

Executive Director and Associate Professor
JWAL 109
(518) 327-6213
Year Started at Paul Smith's:  2003

Interests and Activities

Nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems; Watershed assessment and planning; Aquatic plant monitoring and management

Academic Background

1999 Ph.D. Virginia Tech Forest Soils
1996 M.S. Virginia Tech Forest Science
1990 B.S. SUNY ESF Forest Resource Management
1987 A.A.S. NYS Ranger School Forest Technology

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1995 Kelly, J.M., L. Samuelson, G. Edwards, P. Hanson, D.L. Kelting, A. Mays, and S. Wullshleger
Are seedlings reasonable surrogates for trees? An analysis of ozone impacts on quercus rubra. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 85:1317-1324.
Courses Taught

FOR 330 Forest Soils
NRS 340 Watershed Management

Relevant Work Experience

1999-2003 North Carolina State University Assistant Professor and Codirector of the Forest Nutrition Cooperative
1992-1998 Virginia Tech Research Associate and Graduate Research Assistant
1989 SUNY ESF, Newcomb, NY Forest Technician
1988 Diamond Occidental Forests Inc., Old Town, ME Forest Technician
1987 International Paper Company, Lincoln, ME Forest Technician


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