Financial Aid Forms

Dependent/Independent Verification (Standard):

If your application for federal student aid is selected for Dependent/Independent Verification, you must fill out and submit this form before you can be awarded financial aid. This is simply a review of the information you and your parents provided on your FAFSA application. Complete and return as soon as possible to confirm your financial aid eligibility.

Special Circumstances Request

Used to adjust the income reported your application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) due to any changes in circumstances that occurred during the calendar or academic year, this form must be completed and submitted as soon as possible. If you are estimating your income due to loss of employment, the college will be unable to process your request until the end of the current year. Special circumstances include loss of employment, separation or divorce, death of a parent or spouse, and unusual medical expenses.

PLUS Loan Adjustment Form

This form must be completed by any parent who has borrowed the Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Student (PLUS) for the academic year, and who wishes to make an adjustment to the loan amount within 90 days of receiving the PLUS credit check.

Title IV Authorization Form

Federal financial aid regulations require Paul Smith’s to automatically refund, within 14 days, any credit balance created when Title IV financial aid is distributed to your student account. By filling out the information, you authorize the school to maintain the credit balance on your student account to pay for subsequent semester charges or to request a refund at a later date, allowing you some flexibility with your balance.

Independent Appeal Form

If you are an independent student, or can document why you should be considered as independent, you can petition for a waiver of the federal regulations requiring parental consideration. The waiver is only granted to students who can prove their independence due to unusual or extenuating circumstances. If you are applying for independent status, in addition to filling out this form, you will need copies of your parents federal tax returns for two years, copies of you own federal tax returns for two years, copy of a lease and utility bill in your name, as well as a written documentation of why your circumstances are exceptional.


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