Scholarship Donors


Scholarship Donors

A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation Scholarship
The A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation

Arthur and Frances Draper Scholarship
Adirondack Foundation
Caroline (Draper ’60) and Serge G. Lussi

Bartlett Tree Scholarship
The Bartlett Tree Foundation

Brian Winfield Smith ’95 Memorial Scholarship
Linda and David P. Kirstein
Robert F. Peters Jr. ’95

Cantwell Family Memorial Scholarship
James B. Cantwell ’67
Suzy and Paul M. Cantwell Jr.

Chapman Scholarship
Howard and Bess Chapman Charitable Corporation

Creighton C. Fee Alumni Surveying Scholarship
Eric L. Gabrielson Jr. ’92
Jane M. Bujold

Dan Richards Leadership Achievement Award
Daniel E. Richards ’89

David A. Nemzer ’64 Educational Resources Fund
David A. Nemzer ’64

Edward F. Prescott Memorial Scholarship
Shen-Zhuang and Charles A. Prescott

F. Ives Turner Memorial Scholarship
Roxanne and Mark McCarty

Foodbuy Scholarship
Concierge by Foodbuy
Ross Kellman

Gould Hoyt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
James R. Apffel ’62
Jan and Robert M. Brhel ’80
Jon Howard ’76
Kurt Kamps ’63
Karl F. Kappe ’66
James A. Martin ’74
Maryluise (Moore ’82) and Dennis P. Murphy ’82
Lizabeth Pope ’74
William B. Reagor ’73
James R. Runyan ’68
James I. Sitts ’68
John K. Wiediger ’66
Wine & Cheese Logging & Management

Hoyt/McKittrick Natural Resource Scholarship
Martin F. Golden ’66

James D. Kurtowicz ’66 Memorial Scholarship
Roland R. Page ’66

Jim and Peg Reagan Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Garnet and James H. Reagan Jr. ’64

Jim Chapman ’73 Veterans Scholarship
James L. Chapman ’73

Jon and Sharon Luther Hospitality and Restaurant Management Scholarship
Sharon and Jon L. Luther ’67

Joyce and Stuart Angert Family Scholarship
Joyce H. and Stuart H. Angert
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Lyle Frank Hospitality Scholarship
Lyle J. Frank ’65

Lyle Luther Natural Resource Management and Ecology Scholarship
Sharon and Jon L. Luther ’67

Mark Antonio “Max” Calderone Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Amy C. Heckethorn-Jones ’81 and Peter G. Jones ’76
Donna and Robert K. Blackburn Jr.
Jane E. Pino and James S. King

Mercer Cutlery Scholarship
Mercer Tool Corporation

Milton J. Watson Jr. ’99 Memorial Scholarship
Lucy A. and Robert D. Benson
Joann I. and Monroe B. Bishop
Bolivar Richburg Faculty Association
Kandra A. and Thomas J. Hirsch
Marjanne C. and Michael W. Kunz
Vincent Marinera
Colleen and Merlin D. Martin
James Mostcato
Elizabeth and Michael D. Stayer
John P. Walsh
Carol A. and Michael R. Watson

Nancy Sexton Susice and Lawrence Sexton ’69 Memorial Scholarship
Jill Susice

Partridge Invitation Scholarship
Nardyne and Richard C. Cattani ’64

The Partridge-Invitation Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
Ruth Gillespie Browne Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn B. Malkin

Statler Foundation Small Scholarship Program
Statler Foundation

Thomas “Red” McGraw ’48 Memorial Scholarship
Lorraine Giangreco ’48

Virginia and Michael Adler Endowed Scholarship
Virginia and Michael S. Adler