Outdoor Leadership Semester

NOLS & Paul Smith’s College


provides the best-of-the-industry wilderness trip


provides its acclaimed Adirondack campus for a semester of leadership certifications and targeted coursework



supply the grit!

Love the outdoors?

Thinking about sharpening your outdoor leadership skills?

Want to add some practical value to your degree?

Introducing an Adirondack Semester program designed expressly for students interested in developing professional-grade outdoor leadership skills and useful certifications. This is the program for people who love the Adirondacks, love the outdoors, and want to follow their dream of stepping forward and helping to lead others safely into the wild places of the planet.

You know that high-quality technical and environmental outdoor skills, and more importantly, the ability to effectively communicate with and guide others, have never been more important as the world’s natural areas attract ever more visitors seeking recreation, discovery, and enjoyment. The NOLS/PSC Outdoor Leadership Semester in the Adirondacks is a comprehensive and targeted program designed to equip those interested in the profession with valuable field time, coursework and certifications in outdoor skills, teaching/interpretive skills, and the history and ethics of guiding. The semester culminates with a 10-day graduation trip that you design, and an opportunity to sit for New York State’s Licensed Guide Examination.

Chase your dream! In one Paul Smith’s College semester, you can develop more outdoor skills and certifications than many outdoor professionals ever get in a career. The program is designed to admit any student with at least one year of college. No pre-requisite courses are required. Some certifications, including the AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor certification, do require the fulfillment of pre-requisites as outlined by the certifying organization. The program is an ideal add-on semester for any degree from any college and university, and can also transfer a full 15 credits into the middle of many programs.