Dr. Janet R. Mihuc

Year Started at Paul Smith’s: 2000
Division: The School of Natural Resource Management and Ecology
Program: Biology


I am an organismal biologist specializing in aquatic and terrestrial insects and birds.

I serve as one of the Program Directors for the School of Natural Resource Management and Ecology.

I am the Director of Project Silkmoth, a citizen science project to document sightings of Giant Silkmoths in northern New York State.

Interests and Activities

Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory
Butterflies and Moths of North America

Academic Background

1995 D.A. Idaho State University Biology
1991 M.S. Idaho State University Biology
1988 B.S. Oklahoma State University Zoology


2008       Woodcock, T., C. Evans, C. Laxson, R. Tucker, J. Allen, J. Mihuc, E. Allen, T. Mihuc.

Land use designation and vegetation community structure in the Adirondack Uplands (New York, USA). Applied Vegetation Science 11: 509-520.

2006       Mihuc, J. R. T. B. Mihuc, T. Woodcock, E.A. Romanowicz, T. Jackson, L. Myers, K. Spring, C. Tran, J. Bulova. E. Evans and D. Welch.

Composition of stream benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in managed and Preserve Adirondack (New York, U.S.A.) headwater catchments. Verhandlungen der Internationalen Vereingung fur Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie 29(4): 1921-1924.

2002       Mihuc, T.B., J.M. Battle, J.R. Mihuc, and C.F.Bryan.

Macroinvertebrate communities in littoral regions of a large-river floodplain: relationships with water quality and vegetation. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 28:1023-1026.

1999       Mihuc, J.R. & D. Streubel.

Investigating decomposition and the soil community using soil microcosms. American Biology Teacher 61:612-615.

1997       Mihuc, J.R., C.H. Trost & T.B.Mihuc.

Shorebird predation on benthic macroinvertebrates in an irrigation reservoir. Great Basin Naturalist 57:245-252.

Courses Taught

BIO 205 Animal Biology
BIO 361 Entomology
BIO 364 Ornithology

Relevant Work Experience

1999-2000 Plattsburgh State University Adjunct Instructor
1997-1998 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Adjunct Instructor
1994-1996 Louisiana State University Instructor
1993 (Fall) University of Oklahoma Visiting Instructor

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Project Silkmoth

Dr. Janet R. Mihuc

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Professor and Program Director
[email protected]
Freer 219
(518) 327-6346