Adirondack Woodsmen's School

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The Adirondack Woodsmen's School at Paul Smith's College offers you the opportunity to discover traditional skills of the north woods. Not only will you learn to build a fire without matches, and make your own canoe, but you'll also master the skills of the competitive lumberjack – all while earning college credit!

Receive personalized instruction from professionals who will help you build proficiency in the discipline of your choice – you may focus on speed chopping, axe-throwing, birling (log rolling in the water), sawing – or any combination that you choose. You'll also learn the secrets to honing a razor-sharp ax and and keeping your chain saw in prime running order.

Get Credit!
Earn four college credits in just two weeks. Learn the history of the Adirondack woodsman as you become an active part of the Adirondack landscape. What was it really like to be a frontiersman in the late 19th century? You'll learn the answer to this and many other questions through a series of campfire lectures examining the historical roots of these Adirondack pioneers. To cap things off, your week of training will conclude with a competition that will crown the "Bull of the Woods" and award a custom-made racing ax! See you in the Adirondacks ... 

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