Learn about birds, reptiles and their ecosystems from expert instructors in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Select one of these science courses and earn 3 college credits in 6 weeks. Students must have completed General Ecology as a pre-requisite for these upper-division college classes, or obtain instructor permission to waive this requirement.

BIO 399: Field Herpetology
This course provides a field-based overview of the biology of amphibians and reptiles including aspects of their evolutionary history, taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, ecology, behavior, conservation, and natural history. Our primary focus in Field Herpetology is on the reptiles and amphibians that are native to New York State.

BIO 399: Field Ornithology
This course will address bird morphology, behavior and vocalizations as it relates to bird identification and will include many field trips to local birding areas. Students investigate the evolutionary history, ecology, behavior and conservation of these amazing animals and learn to identify individuals to species by sight and sound. The field laboratories give practical experience with the techniques used in the study of ornithology and focus on identification of species breeding in the Adirondacks. Classes will be held in the field and in the classroom.

Courses run May 21 – June 29, 2018.
Tuition is $495 per credit hour.
Room and board are $360 per week.


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