The Italian Job

Prof. Eric Holmlund and five Paul Smith’s College students are in Italy helping officials develop an ecotourism plan for the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park. 


The Palm at Paul Smith's College

Having a student-training restaurant such as the St. Regis Café right on campus is a spectacular resource for our students. Having a second student-training restaurant, modeled after the world-famous Palm, is even better.


Virtual Hospitality

How’s this for a senior capstone project? Hotel, resort and tourism students at Paul Smith’s are running their own hotels … virtual ones, anyway.


Producing Tastier Produce

Chef Kevin McCarthy’s students are helping Cornell University create the perfect squash.


Experience Aplenty

Kelly Cerialo learned a thing or two about the hospitality industry during her time in New York City. After all, she supervised the front office and concierge desk at The Mercer Hotel for more than six years, served as the interim director of rooms at The Nomad Hotel and continues to assist international event production companies with product launches and promotional events. And now she’s passing her knowledge on to the students of Paul Smith's College.

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Annie Rochon is Watching Your Language

When language instructor Annie Rochon came on as a full-time faculty member last fall, she brought along a powerful tool called Rosetta Stone.


Mind Your Business

Business owners face all kinds of crucial decisions that could make or break their companies: Is it time to expand or launch a new marketing campaign? What’s the best way to manage time constraints? What are the trade offs of adopting a credit-card service? 

Thanks to a handful of local entrepreneurs who attended this year’s Student Business Symposium at Paul Smith's College, our business students got some advice from those who have already been there. Read more »


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