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Phishing Alert – 07/21/2017

In efforts to keep our Paul Smith’s community safe online, we would like to make everyone aware of a phishing scam based around pop culture and/or current events.  Below are recent events that could be used to take advantage of your curiosity, and steal your personal information:

Breaking: Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington’s Suicide Note Released (Link)

Fox News: Breaking News: OJ Admits Guilt in Murder of Ron and Nicole (Link)

Even on Facebook, links like the ones above are meant to trigger certain responses out of their victims.  An easy yet powerful way to check a link without clicking on it is to simply hover your mouse over the link (do not click).  You can test this by hovering over one of the two links we provided above which will show https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/safety/online-privacy/phishing-symptoms.aspx.  For more information regarding phishing attacks, feel free to click the link!  Before anyone asks, yes, this is a legitimate link.  Pinky promise 😊.  Have a great rest of your day, and stay safe on the web!

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