Paul SmithApollos Smith was known for the great stories he told, and the great stories he gathered around him. And now, at the college founded in his and Lydia’s memory, The Apollos is where we gather our stories, tell our news, share our art, and express our ideas.

The Apollos is the views of our community: we are a submissions-based platform for communication and self-expression. The Apollos honors authenticity of voice, diversity of perspective, and integrity and fairness.

The pieces gathered here represent the opinion of the various authors, not Paul Smith’s College as a whole, and the accuracy of information presented is the responsibility of the author.

Have something you’d like to see published? Great! Please see below for our Publication Guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Apollos Staff

Erinn Pollock is a senior in the Natural Resources Conservation and Management program at Paul Smith’s College. She is also an editor and contributor for The Apollos. Her interests include kayaking, hiking, writing, feminism, and admiring the moon.

Casey Young is an Environmental Science major from Feura Bush, New York. She enjoys poetry, exploring the world, staring pensively into the distance, and cracking terrible jokes at the worst possible times.

Kevin Shea is an Environmental Studies major with an Environmental Communications minor. He enjoys reading and writing, and long walks on the beach.

For more of his short stories and satire, check out his blogs Time Splice & Eritas News.

Spencer Bucolo is originally from Ashland, Oregon, and is a sophomore in his third semester at Paul Smith’s College majoring in Recreation Adventure Education & Leisure Management.  A veteran of the Marine Corps, he enjoys playing music, shooting pool, drinking beer, and lifting heavy things.

Tim Sweeney is a Forestry major from Rochester. He loves the earth and the sun and the animals, despises riches, gives alms to everyone who asks, stands up for the stupid and crazy, and he would never plagiarize Walt Whitman.


Katherine is a sophomore from Stanfordville, New York. She is currently majoring in Environmental Science and hopes to claim a minor in Botany. She is a newer member of the Apollos staff.

Andy is originally from Saranac Lake and returned to the Adirondacks after studying magazine journalism and environmental studies. He’s been a writer and editor for several regional publications and enjoys photography, snowboarding and mountain biking.


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