Campus Living

True Colors

We asked you to send us your fall foliage shots. And we received…


Being Grey in a World of Black and White

Going to the bathroom is not something one usually thinks too hard about. Except for in those restaurants with really cryptic signs, many people don’t have to deliberate about which restroom to choose.It is not that easy for everyone, though.


Cheers for Open Mic

I was amazed to discover how many of our friends and classmates could really sing, do comedy, and play various instruments…


HSMAI’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

The Anti-Valentine’s Day idea started with a group of hospitality students who wanted to start a non-traditional Valentine’s Day fundraiser that would attract the attention of students and employees at PSC…


Ladies Ruck Too

When you join rugby, you aren’t acquiring teammates, you’re accepting new family members…


Join the HSMAI Club!

The hospitality club is not only a fun way to get involved and meet new people, it also provides an opportunity to get off campus and visit properties around the area…


The Saw Whet Owl Banding Station finishes 5th Season

The October countryside echoes with a strange piercing tooting. We trudge through the darkness toward the sound. The star-filled sky twinkles above as we move slowly down the road, and turn onto an old tractor trail. We can see our breath in the crisp cool air, and feel the autumn chill on our faces…


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