Class Reports

Dia de las Patatas

“Once Perez made it into the back of the farm truck, he knew he was on his way.” By Anna Millar


Middle States Update

As with any high-stakes process, there are lots of warning signs that a sensible college looks out for when this is likely to happen…


St Regis Experience Leads to Exciting Work Experience

The first thing that I noticed as I looked around the kitchen was that a lot of the products looked very familiar. When I actually set up, and started working, I noticed that I was working with the exact same products, from all the same farms,that we had been using in the St Regis Cafe’s kitchen this past semester…


The Lantern Light Award

But as it turned out, we not only learned new things about the secret cooperative network, but how it was connected to the namesake of our college…


Gazebo Lighting Capstone

The Lighting is a time to welcome the start of the holiday season, take time to give thanks, and to celebrate the semester coming to an end…


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