Hit the ground running by planning ahead and staying organized

Welcome back PSC students!

It’s a new semester and things are about to get busy fast! Make sure you plan ahead, set-goals, and get organized. Most students recognize the value of preparation, but it can be hard to get back into the “school” mindset after a long break!

Here are five quick tips to help you get ready for the first week of class:

1) Review your course schedule and make changes if necessary.

2) Purchase your text books and organize them by course.

3) Organize all course materials – make sure to have a folder/binder and notebook for each course, plus any additional materials you may need (pens, calculator, etc.)

4) Identify what type of time management tool you will use (planner, desk calendar, phone app, etc.)

5) Create a rough outline of what your weekly schedule will look like, making sure to designate time for exercise, meals, studying, work, and free time.

Make sure to visit the ASC and take advantage of our free handouts and tools: checklists, weekly time management plans, semester calendars, and highlighters.

If you would like to talk with someone about your plan for the semester, contact one of our Academic Success Counselors:

Courtney Bringley cbringley@paulsmiths.edu or Maureen McMahon mmcmahon2@paulsmiths.edu