If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.

-Lee Iacocca

Here are five quick tools for managing your time and finding some balance!

1) A paper or online Priority Matrix divided into the following boxes can help you decide what to tackle first: a) Important and Urgent, b) Important/Not Urgent; c) Not Important and Urgent; d) Not Important/Not Urgent. Create your own paper version or checkout the Priority Matrix app by Appfluence.

2) Use a Semester Calendar to see the “big picture” and record all of your major events and assignments. These are available in the Academic Success Center, free of charge!

3) Create a Weekly Schedule and map out your class times, meetings, work hours, planned study times for each course (Two Hours for every One Hour in class!), as well as time for exercise and fun! Visit the ASC for a blank grid or email cbringley@paulsmiths.edu for an excel template.

4) Use Checklists! Either the night before or during breakfast make a to-do list for each day. The ASC has To Do lists available—stop by and see us or try one of the many apps available on-line including Wunderlist!

5) Minimize distractions and keep focused using an on-line tool like focus booster . Multitasking actually decreases productivity so when you need to get things done try breaking up your assignments or studying in manageable chunks.

Discuss all of these strategies and more with an Academic Success Counselor. Email us today to set-up an appointment:

Courtney Bringley cbringley@paulsmiths.edu

Maureen McMahon mmcmahon2@paulsmiths.edu