Spring break has come and gone! This means that the first half of the semester is over with as well. Congratulate yourself on all the things you have accomplished so far this semester! One of the downfalls of this much looked forward to break is that some students (myself included) tend to get out of the homework groove during the time off. The following are some tips to help you get back into that grove, kick it into high gear, and finish your semester strong.

1. Get yourself organized
When you get back from break, figure out what the rest of the semester looks like for you. Do you have any deadlines coming up? How many more exams or projects do you have? Look at your class’s syllabus and create a to-do list. Write down important due dates. Looking ahead will help you plan out the rest of your semester, keep you organized, and reduce stress.

2. Review
It may not seem like it, but a week is a long time away from your coarse work. Take a few moments to look back over your notes, tests, and other materials from the first half of the semester to remind yourself where you are in each class. This will make the transition back into the grove of school much easier. Along with this are your midterm grades. No matter what they say, use them to motivate you through the remainder of the semester. If you got the grades you wanted, be sure to keep up the hard work you have put in. If your grades are lower than you wanted, reevaluate what you did in the first half of the semester and see how you can improve during the second half of the semester.

3. Stay focused
It can be really difficult to stay on task with your school work when all you want to do is catch up with your friends and talk about what you missed over the break. However, try to keep yourself focused on what needs to be done. Take a moment to remind yourself why you are at school. Set goals for yourself. Designate time for studying and time for social activities. Be careful not to overlap the two because you could get caught up in the “catch up” and fall behind.

4. Don’t procrastinate!
If you put your work on the back burner for break, leaving it there once you get back could cause a big problem. Procrastination leads to lack of sleep, which leads to stress, which leads to bad grades. The best way to fight procrastination is to just do it. You will thank yourself in the end.

5. Breath
Take the time to get some rest if you didn’t get the chance over break. Reward yourself with some activity that you enjoy outside of school. Being well rested helps you to be more productive. Having something to look forward to once you’ve complete your work is a good motivator for completing that work. Along with this, having a good network of friends can be very helpful in making it through the semester. Use your friends for help and support. Vent to them and be there for them when they need you. You are all in this together.

Overall, the best way to survive the rest of the semester is to stay organized, review your course work, stay focused, avoid procrastination, and take care of you!


Writer Bio: Amanda Preston is a sophomore in the Environmental Science Program at PSC and is from Johnson, Vermont. She has worked in the Academic Success Center as a Peer Tutor, Study Group Leader, Supplemental Instruction Leader, and Success Leader. She has also worked as a Peer Leader for both Welcome Week and Winter Welcome and as a Peer Mentor for TRIO. Amanda is also an active member of the Open Mic Nights on campus and she is secretary for the Bobcat Radio Club.