Its that wonderful time of the semester again: Finals Week! This is a busy time for everyone on campus and with only a mater of days left to finish the semesters “to do” list things can get overwhelming pretty fast. Here are some finals week survival tips that I personally find the most helpful in making it through the end of the semester.

  1. Know your dates! It might sound silly but it could be a life saver. You must figure out when and where all of your finals will be held; they could be different from your regularly scheduled class time. Check your syllabus, ask your professor, or check out the list at the ASC to make sure that you don’t miss an exam. Also find out what the format is for your exams. Will it be a cumulative test? Is it multiple choice or written response? Both? Knowing what to expect on your final exam will help you prepare more effectively for it.
  2. Prioritize tests: Not all exams are the same. Figure out which ones require more time and what they contribute to your final grade. With this information in mind, organize your time so that it helps you out the most in the end. It might be beneficial to calculate your grades for each class to know where you stand. Knowing where you are in each class can help you prioritize your studying time.
  3. Location Location Location! It is important to find the right studying environment for finals. For me, the right spot depends on what class I am studying for. Whether it be outside in the sun, in your dorm, in the library, or somewhere else you must limit distractions from your study area. Maybe its best that you don’t sit next to a close friend, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to put your phone in your backpack for a while, maybe listening to music is impeding your retention. Or, maybe these things are fine. Nevertheless, you should know what distracts you from your work and eliminate it while you are studying if you can.
  4. Take breaks: With all the things you need to get done and the limited time you have it can be easy to set up shop and cram all night. It is also easy to avoid the work entirely. However, neither of these are the most productive studying styles. It is important to allow yourself to have breaks while studying. Study in intervals, set goals for each interval and then stretch or walk around. Give your brain a rest and then get back to work with refreshed eyes.
  5. Sleep! Pretty simple; get some of it.

And last but not least…

  1. Ask for help: Don’t be shy in asking for extra help. Whether it is a friend, another student, faulty/staff, or your friendly neighborhood Academic Success Center. You are not alone in this!

Good luck to all of you on your finals! Stay strong and power through. You are almost there.

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Author: Amanda Preston

Author: Amanda Preston

Tutor, SI Leader & Peer Leader

Amanda Preston is a sophomore in the Environmental Science Program at PSC and is from Johnson, Vermont. She has worked in the Academic Success Center as a Peer Tutor, Study Group Leader, Supplemental Instruction Leader, and Success Leader. She has also worked as a Peer Leader for both Welcome Week and Winter Welcome and as a Peer Mentor for TRIO. Amanda is also an active member of the Open Mic Nights on campus and she is secretary for the Bobcat Radio Club.