Supplemental Instruction & Study Groups

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Get the inside scoop on challenging courses from students who’ve been there before and achieved success! SI’s lead by tutors who know how to ace the course and study groups lead by students who are right there with you

Supplemental Instruction (SI): Supplemental Instruction is one of our most popular academic support options. Each session is led by a student who has successfully completed the course. The SI leaders meet regularly with the course instructor, attend current classes and hold instruction sessions at least once a week.

You can attend every session, or just a few. The more you attend, the more positively it will affect your grade! On average, students who participate regularly in Supplemental Instruction improve their grades by a half to full letter. Pass rates in classes that have Supplemental Instruction are significantly higher.

Study groups: If there is not a Supplemental Instruction for a course, study groups can be set up on an as-needed basis. Study groups are a great way to get together with other students to review material, work on problems, and prepare for tests. Study groups are led by student tutors currently taking the course.

When you participate in an SI or Study Group you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet regularly with your peers to review course material
  • Discuss readings & compare lecture notes
  • Identify effective study strategies
  • Prepare for upcoming tests
  • Form a deeper understanding of course content

If you have questions about our Supplemental Instruction sessions or if you would like to participate in a study group for a particular course please contact Courtney Bringley or Tracy Elliott. They’ll help you find the support that meets your needs!