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Tutoring Request Form |Complete this form & submit it to the ASC to sign-up for tutoring.

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Individual or small group tutoring is available free of charge for most classes taught at Paul Smith’s College.

  • Most tutoring takes place in the Center for Academic and Career Success, upstairs in the Joan Weill Adirondack Library.
  • Tutors are trained to help you learn and improve your understanding of course material and can teach you new study techniques or problem-solving strategies that helped them succeed in the same course.

How to sign up for a tutor:

  1.   Complete a Tutor Request Form, available online or in the Center for Academic & Career Success.
  2.   Meet with Tutor Coordinator in Library 208 A.
  3.   You will receive a weekly tutoring schedule during the appointment or one will be e-mailed to you soon afterwards.

Want to become a tutor?

  • Tutors are expected to have a 3.0 or higher GPA as well as an A in the course they are tutoring. Recommendations from two faculty members are also required.
  • Tutors receive training according to nationally recognized standards. We provide training on general tutoring strategies and for specific subject areas.
  • If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, study group or Supplemental Instruction leader visit our Leadership page or see Courtney Bringley in Library 205 or Tracy Elliott in Library 208 A.


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