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Writing Center Disclaimer
paper review may take up to 48 hours
submit assignments 1 week prior to due date for ideal services
we highly recommend providing us with your teacher’s rubric and assignment sheet
Meet Our Writing Center Coaches!

Hello, everyone! My name is Josh and I am currently a junior in the Ecological Restoration program here at Paul Smith’s College. I spend most of my free time outdoors hiking, reading, and drawing. I am most familiar with scientific writing and APA formatting, but am anxious to learn more and to further develop my own writing skills. If you need any help with editing, formatting, or even beginning to write, feel free to stop by the Writing Center to see me, or any of our other writing coaches!

Hey everyone! My name is Katie and I’m a sophomore majoring in Natural Resource and Conservation Management. On top of being a Writing Coach, I also work as a Career Coach in the Academic & Career Success Center. I like to focus on different types of writing such as environment editorials, scientific research and poetry. In my spare time, I’m usually with family and friends, or out hiking, playing volleyball, working as a volunteer in Wildlife Rehabilitation, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. Come on over to the writing center and I’ll help you with your assignments!

Hey I’m Damon. I am a freshman at Paul Smiths, and I major in Wildlife Sciences. I chose to major in Wildlife Sciences after hunting, fishing, and being out in nature my entire life. Besides being outside, I also enjoy listening to music, reading, and writing poetry. Come see me at the Writing Center if you need any help on your assignments!

Hey, my name is Julie. I am a junior in the Ecological Restoration program. I am really passionate about being outside and hope to one day work in tropical forest restoration. I really enjoy running, snowshoeing, gardening, and going camping with my family in the summertime. Most of my writing experience is in scientific writing, but I do enjoy creative writing as well especially poetry. Come see me at the writing center, I am happy to help you with your assignments!

My name is Robert, and I am a junior majoring in fisheries and wildlife sciences. This is my second year as a writing center coach. In my free time I like to backpack, hunt, fish, work on primitive skills, and fly my drone. Being a wildlife major, I am best at writing scientific papers. I can help you find scientific articles and spark ideas for writing if you are unsure where to start. Stop by for any writing related assignments you are struggling with!

Hey PSC people! My name is Audrey and this is my second year as a Writing Coach. I am a senior in Wildlife Sciences and I love being outside. Some of my favorite activities are Nordic skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and drawing. I am most familiar with scientific writing but love to learn other writing styles through helping students in need. Come see me for any of your assignments or just to hang out in the Writing Center!

Hey, I’m Nate.  I’m a Natural Resources Conservation and Management major here at Paul Smith’s.  I am very interested in protecting the environment and keeping people from destroying the fragile ecosystems we live among.  I enjoy doing literally anything as long as it’s outside. Come see me in the writing center if you need any help with your assignments!

Meet the Writing Center Staff!

Hey, I’m Roxie. I have been at Paul Smith’s College since 1990.  I was here in the nineties, helped when PSC instituted a Writing Center—and have watched it grow ever since! My varied instructional experience includes teaching people from very young ages to adult. I have taught English grammar, composition, and literature to high school and college students and have taught students with emotional, developmental, and learning disabilities. As a learning specialist, I help students with a disability reach their potential using accommodations and other services at Paul Smith’s College. As a reading therapist, I provide assessment services and effective treatment and intervention to students of all ages and levels of reading achievement. My main interest is in the area of universal access to education. Many people need to adjust the activities required to learn and to demonstrate what they learned. It is my desire to help professors and students make those adjustments, so any student can access their education as easily as any other student.

Howdy! I’m Sara Rose. I work with the PSC Writing Center as our college’s faculty liaison. I’m a recent graduate who enjoys reading and writing on just about anything! I’m infatuated by the mountains, sustainable agriculture, and our school’s team of draft horses. I love making connections between food, farming, people, and writing. And I especially enjoy teaching people about these subjects. I play the bagpipes, own a red-tick coonhound & beagle puppy, and you can find me around campus usually drinking copious amounts of black coffee out of my mustard-yellow thermos. I am currently reading Charles Bukowski, “The Days Run Away like Wild Horses over the Hill,” and Stephen Leslie’s, “Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century.” Feel free to come find me in the writing center or at the school barn anytime!

Howdy all! My name is Thompson, and I’m a recent graduate of Paul Smith’s from the FWS program. This year I will be working as the S.I. Two Instructor in the writing center, as well as an instructor for FYS and the Lead Naturalist at the PSC VIC! I spend lots of time hiking around the Adirondacks, working with the PSC Pride club, and assisting with instruction for biology courses. I’m absolutely batty for bats, and hope to enroll in graduate school to study forest ecosystems and the benefits of chiropterans as pollinators. I love working with students and co-workers to develop educational programs, and offering professional reading and writing assistance. I have lots of experience with both scientific and creative writing, and love brainstorming! I am in the writing center Monday through Thursday, so stop by for help with any of your assignments.


In celebration of The National Day on Writing, the CACS is sponsoring an Essay Contest! Please follow this link to see the rules and essay prompts you may choose from.

  • The contest runs from October 20-November 17 at midnight.
  • The winner will be announced on December 2nd and receive a $50 Borracho Taco gift card.
  • All submissions must be e-mailed to:

Happy writing! 

Why drop in?

Develop and organize ideas
Strengthen basic writing skills
Cite sources
Eliminate wordiness and redundancy
Expand a draft
Develop punctuation skills
Improve sentence structures
Our coaches, who are either faculty members or peer tutors, can help you develop as a writer.

What you need to bring: The assignment, any drafts you’ve started, ideas, and willingness to learn. Make sure to leave time to make revisions before the assignment is due.


StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.
We do this to remind one another of our shared humanity, to strengthen and build the connections between people, to teach the value of listening, and to weave into the fabric of our culture the understanding that everyone’s story matters. At the same time, we are creating an invaluable archive for future generations.

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