Leadership Ceremony

Resident Assistant Of The Year Award

The RA Of The Year Award is given to a returning Resident Assistant has been on the team before the Fall of 2019 and is nominated by the Residence Life & Housing professional staff and their Resident Assistants. Our award winner has exemplified remarkable RA team and student leadership through all aspects of Community Engagement in the Residence Halls and on the Paul Smith’s College campus.

Winner is Joshua Young

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is given to a Resident Assistant who started on the team in the Fall of 2019 and has been nominated by the Residence Life & Housing professional staff and the Resident Assistants. Our award winner has exemplified remarkable student leadership, growth and contribution to the RA team and to their residence hall communities through all aspects of Community Engagement in the Residence Halls and on the Paul Smith’s College campus.

Winner is Autumn Tallant

Peer Educator Senior Recognition

This is an opportunity to recognize those Peer Educators who are graduating and have dedicated time and service to the Counseling Center and the student body. They have served as advocates for wellness on Paul Smith’s campus.

Senior is Hannah Bunal

Peer Educator of the Year (Counseling Center)

This award is given to an individual who has served the campus community above and beyond the call of duty. This individual is an outstanding leader and motivator to all students.

Winner is Caroline Granger

Peer Mentor of the Year Award (TRIO)

This award goes to the peer mentor who has shown exceptional leadership qualities to their mentees throughout this past year.

Winner is Nicholas Koch

David Nemzer Academic Success Awards

Outstanding Peer Tutor Award: Recognition of outstanding peer tutoring and faculty collaboration.

Winner is Autumn Tallant

Outstanding Academic Mentor Award

Recognition of outstanding academic mentorship across multiple roles.

Winner is Cassandra McCuen

Outstanding Peer Leader Award

Recognition of outstanding peer leadership guiding new students through the college experience.

Winner is Daniel D’Apice

Student Government’s Club of the Year Award

These awards are presented to the club(s) who have demonstrated a commitment to the campus and its students through its activities, events and fundraisers put on throughout the 2019-20 school year.

Winners are Gaming and Anime, Fish and Game, and Draft Horse Club. Honorable mention: Forestry Club

Student Government’s Club Advisor of the Year Award

This award is presented to a club advisor who has shown extraordinary commitment to their club and the college campus throughout the 2019-20 school year.

Winner is Peter Roland

Student Government Senior Awards

These awards are presented to the graduating senior members of the Student Government Association Executive Board.

Seniors are Christine Rutledge, Randy Martinez, Shawna Gomez, and Abigayle Brietzke

PSC Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Awards

The Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award seeks to recognize a student and a faculty/staff member who display leadership in fostering diversity and inclusion both on campus and within the surrounding community.

Student Winners are Ryan Novak and Clara Bisson

All students who are being recognized today are:

Siena Allen*
Adelaide Balliett*
Elsa Barber*
Carly Beckstrom*
Benjamin Benware
Emily Biccum
Else Bielarski*
Ethan Billman
Patricia Bishop*
Clara Bisson
Kyle Bond
Jason Botemps
Lauren Bowe*
Kelly Brewer
Nicholas Brewer
Abigayle Brietzke
Caleb Bryant
Hannah Bunal*
Julie Capito*
Matthew Carter*
Natalie Chang
Frank “Quinn” Chmark*
Peter Connelly
Abigail Cowan
Thomas Curiale*
Daniel D’Apice*
Gregory Davis*
Annie DeHaven
Austin Delosh*
Nichole Demastire
James Demore
Maxwell Dentone
Widnie Dorilas
Connor Edmonds*
Timothy Ellis
Justin Engler*
Cody Evanchick
Vera Fatta
Nicholas Ferrara
Jack Fogarty*
Charles Forbes*
Caitlin Fortin*
Nicholas Frasier
Timothy Fuller
Sarah Gaffga
Quinn Germann
Bryan Giguere
Justin Gillen
Kyle Gleichauf
Shawna Gomez*
Matthew Gonsalves
Amy Gonzalez
Christopher Goss
Caroline Granger*
Tamesha Hagler-Miller
Nathaniel Haraden
Jessica Hardter
Travon Harper
David Harris*
Jon Hart
Dylan Harter
Lydia Harvey*
Jessica Heroux
Hannah Hight*
Logan Hoyt*
Sean Jackson
Yelena Jaquith*
Jonathan Joaquin
Sabrina Johnson
Jeremy Jones
Kyla Kaczowski
Cody Kautzman
Kegan Kleeschulte
Charlotte Kline*
Heidi Knafelc
Nicholas Koch*
Hunter Kroening
Blade LaBarge
John Larose
Kristen Lee
Cody Liguori
Kelly Ludwig
Ryan Luzzi*
Randy Martinez
William Mason-Hill
Katherine McCarthy
Cassandra McCuen*
Izayah McGill
Kelvey McGinnis
Hannah McMichael
Ella Miller*
Richard Monroe*
Margret Montag*
Colby Moore”
Malerie Muratori*
Skylar Murphy
Timothy Murphy
Emily Nelson*
Laura Nelson
Ryan Novak*
Tyler O’Connor
Dallas Olsen*
Joseph Ordway*
Bethany Orvis
Erika Pitcher*
Zoe Plant*
Nicholas Polulech
Daniel Power*
Chandler Prescott
Alexander Purdy
Ohrisha Ranger
Caitlin Reilly
Hannah Rion*
Jesse Rock*
Madeline Roth
Christine Rutledge
Emily Schmeltz
Sterling Scott
Emily Segada
Adam Sequin
Justin Shannon
Annabelle Skalski*
Drew Smith
Gabriel Smith
Kenny Smith
Brianna Snyder
Katharyn Snyder
Evan Spencer*
Jordan Spordone*
Joshua Staquet
Autumn Tallant*
Victoria Tamberrino*
Ryan Thomas
Hudsen Timon*
Dana Tripp*
Stephanie Tyski*
Hayden Uresk
Matthew Wedge*
Nicole White
Noah Wiencek*
Griffin Williams*
Danielle Wilson
Jazzmin Wipf
Johnathan Wood*
Joshua Young*

*Students have a 3.5 GPA or higher and received an Academic Achievement Award