How can I grade my students’ work in Canvas? How do I use the SpeedGrader?

Access SpeedGrader

Read the following tutorials to learn how to access the SpeedGrader from various parts of your course:

Grade an assignment or quiz with SpeedGrader

Watch a video or read a tutorial to learn how to use SpeedGrader to view, grade, and comment on assignments:

Read this tutorial to learn one way you can grade quizzes more efficiently using the SpeedGrader:

For quizzes that are graded automatically, you may still need to access and modify individual quiz results. Read the following two tutorials to learn how to view quiz results and regrade a quiz as needed:

Provide feedback with SpeedGrader

You can leave feedback for your students using text, an attached file, video, or audio. Read this tutorial to learn how:

Use a rubric to grade student work

Follow the steps in these tutorials to grade an assignment with a rubric and to provide feedback on student work using free-form comments within a rubric:

Provide this tutorial to students to help them learn how to access the rubric after their assignment has been graded: