Roles and Permissions in Canvas

Roles in Canvas work as follows:

  • Instructors of record are assigned the role of Teacherand can complete any course edits/additions/deletions. The only other role that can complete all Teacher functions is the Course Admin.
    • TA (Teaching Assistant) can moderate most areas of the course but cannot enter or edit grades.
    • Designer can edit quizzes, rubrics, and all other content types and publish any kind of content, but is unable to enter or change grade data, see student submissions, or communicate with students.
      Note: This role is meant for instructional designers or instructional technologists working with an instructor.

The two roles that can complete any function are Teacher and Course Admin. If you need an assistant to complete any function not available in the TA role, you can make that person a Course Admin or change your workflow.

Below is a list of different TA functions,

  • Individuals in the TA role can:
    • Add, edit and delete events on the course calendar
    • Add/remove students for the course
    • Create and edit assessing rubrics, student collaborations, and web conferences
    • Add and edit LTI tools
    • Manage (add / edit / delete) course content including assignments and quizzes, course files, pages, groups
    • Moderate and post to discussions ( delete / edit other’s posts, lock topics)
    • See the list of users and send them and the class messages
    • View all students’ submissions and make comments on them
    • View analytics pages and usage reports for the course
    • View and link to question banks
    • View announcements, discussions and the group pages of all student groups
  • Individuals with the TA role cannot:
    • View, Edit or Moderate Grades
    • Manage Learning Outcomes
    • Manage Alerts
    • Manage (create / edit / delete) course sections
    • Add/remove other teachers, course designers or TAs to the course