Resilience is in Our Nature

Spring 2021
We are living through truly unprecedented times. For students and families, this can make returning to college, and the college selection process, more complicated than ever. Along with academic fit, affordability, and opportunities for personal growth, students must now also give more thought to choosing a college that assures their personal well-being.

We are very fortunate as a campus to have completed the Fall 2020 semester hosting both face-to-face and online classes, albeit wearing masks and socially distanced. Our success was made possible because of the continued diligence of our campus community in following strict health and safety guidelines as outlined in our Covid-19 management plan.

PSC intends to welcome students safely back to campus for the Spring 2021 semester. Our teams are once again focused on delivering a safe and supportive experience and are committed to offering an academic plan flexible enough to adapt in the event of a pandemic resurgence. Detailed planning is described in the college’s Spring 2021 Management Plan.

Paul Smith’s College will continue to work towards maintaining a safe, tight-knit community that students, faculty, and staff alike get to experience. We are friends and colleagues, sharing and adapting together on our expansive 14,000-acre campus and outdoor classroom.

Summer 2021

Paul Smith’s College plans to host (although somewhat limited) summer programs and residents. Please review the addendum to our Management Plan where you will find updated guidance on health protocols and guest policies.

Fall 2021
We know that at Paul Smith’s College, it’s about the experience. Our community is full of resourceful, enterprising, supportive and adventurous individuals who want to continue to see us provide hands-on education. Much like this past academic year, we are planning for another successful return to in-person learning for fall 2021.

Some things to note while official guidelines and protocols are being solidified:

  • Negative PCR tests will be required prior to return to campus and must be taken within 72 hours of arrival. This applies to both residential and commuter students.
  • We expect that all classes and labs will be in person. Expect limited remote options. An updated attendance policy will be shared in August.
  • Housing, student activities, athletics and dining services will closely match the current Covid environment on campus.
  • We will closely monitor new guidance as it comes, and will share specific health and testing requirements as they are developed.

As we look forward to a new academic year, we must keep in mind that the current health and safety guidelines that we as a community have followed will not go away entirely, and we will continue to work closely with and monitor updates from the CDC, New York State and our local public health department.

Photo © Cori Lyn Photography

Building knowledge for a resilient future

Raging wildfires. Destructive storms. Droughts and floods. A global pandemic. These are the tragic markers of our time.

With disasters occurring on a global scale, it’s clear that the world needs trained experts and hands-on practitioners to address the challenges we face. Our faculty and students take these topics seriously, with recognition and respect for humanity’s interdependence with the natural world. At Paul Smith’s College, responding to a crisis – and working to prevent one in the first place – is not just an academic exercise. It’s part of our DNA.