Guidance for Employees


Smitty Safety & Civility Pledge

We are committed to ensuring that all students, faculty, and staff understand the health and safety behaviors and actions required of us all. A central aspect is our collective Smitty Safety & Civility Pledge to stay healthy and behave in ways to ensure safety for yourself, students and fellow employees. We are asking that all faculty, staff and students sign the pledge.

Daily Health Screening

PSC faculty, staff, and students are expected to complete a daily health screening assessment prior to arriving on campus or leaving the residence hall. Individuals are encouraged to use the college’s new mobile app for this purpose.

Flexible Workplace Policy

Many employees are eager to work on campus, while others prefer to work remotely due to medical, family, or productivity considerations. The office of Human Resources is available to assist in situations where you may have concerns about returning to work. The College offers a Flexible Workplace Policy to help meet the needs of individual employees. Specifics are to be coordinated between you and your supervisor with guidance from Human Resources.

Holiday Schedule

With the adjusted academic calendar, October 12 is no longer designated as a staff holiday. In lieu of this, Tuesday November 24 has been designated as a staff holiday. As a result, the Thanksgiving break is now Tuesday November 24 to Friday November 27.

Vacation Leave Rollover

For the remainder of FY 20 and FY 21, an automatic rollover of no more than 10 days (80 hours) of unused annual leave will be permitted by the College. An additional up to 10 days (80 hours) may be requested for rollover if unusual and extraordinary business needs of the College prevent the employee’s use of the vacation, as attested by the employee’s supervisor, area Cabinet member and President.

The maximum rollover is 20 days and must be used within five months of the anniversary date or forfeited.

Vacation Leave Payout

Effective July 1, 2020

As vacation is granted in one lump sum at an employee’s anniversary date but not necessarily earned for the year, vacation leave payouts due to separation from service will be limited to the amount earned per pay period to separation date. In the final year of service, your vacation pay-out will be based on your accrual rate, for your specific position, and the number of pay periods worked during the final anniversary year.

For example, a full-time 12- month employee earns vacation leave at the rate of 6.67 hours/pay. So if an employee leaves 4 pay periods after their anniversary date, they will have earned 26.68 hours of leave payout if no leave has been used.