ADK Fungi Fest

October 5, 2019

The Adirondack region of New York State is home to one of the most bountiful, beautiful and beneficial fungi ecozones on the planet. The Adirondack Mycology Club was formed in 2011 at Paul Smith’s College to explore, educate, investigate and celebrate the diverse fungi of the Adirondacks. Club activities have included mushroom identification, forays and an annual Art of Fungi show at the college.

Since 2012 the club has also hosted workshops on shiitake log cultivation and growing oyster mushrooms on a variety of materials (kitty litter, hemp hurds, etc.). Members of the club have also explored the human health benefits of mushrooms (whole food; mushroom teas, tinctures & tonics, myco-brews) as well as the role fungi play in restoring damaged and polluted ecosystems. It is this area of research that inspired the club to organize an annual fungi festival to celebrate the healing nature of the 5th Kingdom!

  • Expert-led mushroom forays
  • Talks & presentations
  • Species identification & displays
  • Cultivation workshops

Photos courtesy of Susan Hopkins