Giving Report 2018-19

Thank you for being part of the Paul Smith’s College community and for your commitment to its mission and continued success. Gifts to Paul Smith’s College – whether for current operations, endowment or capital projects – are an investment in our present and future. We are grateful for your support.

Paul Smith’s College has a unique value proposition, a compelling mission, a history of exceptional education, a passionate alumni base and a beautiful campus. That said, the higher education landscape is undergoing serious disruption, and we face challenges that are formidable, if not unique. To succeed, today’s colleges must remain affordable, yet provide competitive infrastructure and amenities, distinguish their academic offerings and promise future career success. We are in the fourth year of a robust five-year strategic plan, which will ensure that Paul Smith’s College continues to provide a transformational and unique educational experience for generations to come. Through the process of strategic planning, we have identified priorities where giving can have the greatest impact on the college’s future success.

College affordability is more challenging than ever for students and their families. Each semester, potential students choose not to attend Paul Smith’s because of an inability to pay. Our current students face extraordinary financial challenges – 99.9 percent receive financial aid; 51 percent are first generation and more than 40 percent are Pell eligible. Endowed scholarships and Paul’s Club memberships have a direct impact on the college’s ability to meet our students’ most pressing needs. This cost relief not only makes college possible but also allows young men and women to focus on their education and personal growth during their time at Paul Smith’s.

While our challenges are significant, our high-touch, personalized and applied education has never been more valuable. Employers recognize our students to be well-educated, innovative individuals who can motivate teams and communicate well, who have a strong work ethic, are familiar with their chosen industry and are motivated to succeed. The college’s history began with the Adirondack entrepreneur Paul Smith, and we are therefore very excited about our new entrepreneurship and business program. This offering focuses on providing students with important skills and creating programs that closely link students and others to successful entrepreneurs and small-business people. Our goal is to develop a regional hub that not only supports our students but also serves as an important resource for the economic growth of the Adirondack region. With your support, we will expand the number and depth of partnerships with top organizations that hire our students and work with our faculty.

As we continue to advance our strategic objectives, we are grateful to those who give their support to the college. With your ongoing support, we will continue to provide transformational and unique education for generations to come.

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