Tribute Gifts


Tribute Gifts

In honor of Milton B. Adams
Kathy Hecht

In honor of Ray Agnew
Ellen M. Eshchuk ’75

In memory of Franklin C. Agnew
Eric Adsit
Carol Murtagh

In honor of Stuart Angert
Mary Jo and Peter F. Hunt

In memory of Virginia L. Brink
Christine P. and Milton B. Adams
Kathleen Oemke

In memory of Joseph A. Brislin
Linda Brislin

In memory of Dr. Chester and Mildred Buxton
Carl F. Philbrick ’75

In memory of Patrica A. Carrs
William E. Tulipane

In memory of Christoffer Carstanjen ’87
Ronald A. Perlik ’77

In honor of Dick Cattani
Robert G. Gutenstein

In memory of Professor Don Collins
James M. Holler ’75

In honor of Eileen Crary
Betsey and Rodney Crary ’55

In honor of John T. Dillon
Louis A. and Ada Marini

In memory of V. T. Dimitroff
Kennetg E. Brown ’50

In memory of Howard R. Elder
Thomas Elder

In honor of Evan Eldred
Sarah E. Bratspis

In memory of Steven N. Frankos
Arthur L. Bergman ’67

In memory of John G. Gay
Charlton Seniors
Anna M. Emerich
Marcia A. and Richard M. Feliciano
Elizabeth A. Simpson

In memory of Lou Gerard ’59
Faye Gerard

In memory of Gerald A. Hickman
Jean Hickman

In memory of Mark D. Kelsey ’68
William E. Tulipane
Franklin K. Whitson ’70

In memory of Dean A. Kingsley
Thomas Gehrig ’84

In honor of Ashley N. Marsh
Colleen McMurray

In honor of Codie J. Marsh
Colleen McMurray

In memory of Bill McLeod
Kirk D. Peterson

In honor of James Neary
Laurie Bellucci

In honor of John E. O’Bryan ’07
Margaret (O’Bryan) and Scott L. Rishal ’71

In memory of Nicolas Pendl
Mary Potter

In honor of Ronald A. Perlik ’77
Lynn Perlik

In memory of Professor George P. Peroni ’49
Michael D. Srago ’61

In memory of Howell G. Pickett
Kenneth E. Brown ’50

In honor of Scott L. Rishel ’71
Margaret (O’Bryan) Rishel

In memory of Jacqueline D. St. John
Claire (St John) Crull ’55
Teresa Massa

In memory of Christopher K. Tuttle ’00
Heather A. (Peckham) Tuttle ’99

In honor of Heather A. Tuttle ’99
Ellem M. Eshchuk ’75

In memory of Del Walker
1962 White Piner
Valerie G. Aarne
Margo and Megan Bagneschi
Maria Bagneschi
Patricia and Roger J. Beer
Gerard L. Buteau ’62
Maynard D. Church ’62
Eileen S. and Theodore F. Cicora
Richard J. Ertel ’66
Melinda and Gerrett Geartz
Carol A. Gomborone
Keith C. Goodenough ’62
Peter C. Goss ’62
Paul W. Herrle ’62
Daniel Kiernan ’62
Virginia and Frank J. Lucatelli
Carolyn and Richard J. Marshall ’62
Sally and Scotty Martin
Edward R. Miller ’62
Bernard T. Murphy ’63
Linda A. and Guy A. Murphy
Lee E. Pennock ’62
Holly and Thomas W. Scott ’62
Patricia and Larry Sliker
Pierrette and John P. VanDerKamp Jr. ’62
Susan M. and Daniel B. Walsh
Robert H. Weitz ’62
Lawrence J. White ’62
Mary Alice and A. John Wylie