Tribute Gifts


Tribute Gifts

In Honor of F. Raymond Agnew
Martha Spear

In Honor of FTA Scholarship
Concierge by Foodbuy
Ross Kellman
Susan Sweeney Smith

In Honor for Joyce H. and Stuart H. Angert
Mary Jo and Peter Hunt

In Memory of Harry W. Angleson ’58
Karen C. Angleson

In Honor of Sarah (Rockefeller ’77) and Phillip M. Bogdanovitch ’77
Adirondack Foundation
Patty and Peter S. Paine Jr.

In Memory of Mark A. “Max” Calderone
Donna and Robert K. Blackburn Jr.
Amy C. Heckethorn-Jones ’81 and Peter G. Jones ’76
Jane E. Pino and James S. King

In Honor of Ralph Cardin
Michael P. McLean ’84

In Memory of Christoffer Carstanjen ’87
Ronald A. Perlik ’77

In Honor of Anne F. Carter
Steve Carter

In Honor of Dick Cattani
Shoshana and Ted Diskind
Robert Gutenstein

In Honor of Class of 1989
Andrea (Dewey) Urmston ’89

In Memory of Professor Don Collins
James M. Holler ’75
Michael P. McLean ’84

In Honor of Louis C. Curth ’63
Juliet and Peter O. Lane ’63

In Honor of John T. Dillon ‘58
Louis A. and Ada Marini

In Memory of Jerry Eaton
Lucy A. and Robert D. Benson
Joann I. and Monroe B. Bishop
Bolivar Richburg Faculty Association
Kandra A. and Thomas J. Hirsch
Marjanne C. and Michael W. Kunz
Vincent Marinera
Colleen and Merlin D. Martin
James Mostcato
Elizabeth and Michael D. Stayer
John P. Walsh
Carol A. and Michael R. Watson

In Memory of Educator Creighton C. Fee
Barbara J. Michael

In Memory of Robert D. Fowler
JoAnn Carchidi

In Memory of Lou Gerard ’59
Faye Gerard

In Memory of William A. Gokey ’48
Darryl P. Wilson ’76

In Memory of William B. Hale
Jeanne B. Hutchins

In Memory of Beverly Hammond
Joanne and Gregory A. Blair ’73
Karen A. Dobbertin
Joyce C. Dubrow
Doris E. Enfield
F-M High School Building Association
Debbie A. Haynie
Eloise M. Holbrook
Diane C. Landry
Mr. and Mrs. James Lyons
Donna M. and Michael B. Martin
Eileen and Joseph Mihok
Christopher Nikles
C. L. Rahrle
Marie L. Redmond-Opkyke
Laurie A. Traphagen
Colleen A. Uhlig
Helen B. Wyld †

In Memory of Professor Emritus Gould J. Hoyt
Ellen Hooker-Clookey ’90
Jon Howard ’76
Robert H. Weitz ’62

In Memory of Frank M. Hutchins
Adirondack Park Institute

In Memory of J. Vincent Jowett Terminal Forestry Class of 1951
Jack Jowett

In Memory of Mark T. Keleher
Kevin M. Tompkins ’92

In Memory of Mark D. Kelsey ’68
William E. Tulipane

In Honor of Francis T. McAllister
Matthew R. LaPointe ’97

In Honor of Frederick R. Oberst ’63
Ellen M. Eshchuk ’75

In Honor of John E. O’Bryan ’07
Margaret (O’Bryan) and Scott L. Rishel ’71 ^

In Honor of Paul Smith’s Fire Department Members 1966-1977
Franklin K. Whitson ’70

In Honor of Ronald A. Perlik ’77
Lynn Perlik

In Memory of Professor George P. Peroni ’49
Luke J. Peroni ’81

In Honor of Scott L. Rishel ’71
Margaret (O’Bryan) Rishel

In Memory of Robert J. Ruthart
Leonard Gleckel ’66

In Memory of Robert J. Saulnier ’58
Gregory D. Canales ’73
Rosemari Dickinson
Mimi and Peter Esposito
Arlene Herrick
Kathleen B. and John D. Lanoue
Ann and William McLaren
Patricia and Charles Samour
Lorraine Saulnier
Laurel and Richard Scialabba

In Honor of Phil Saunders
Mary Jo and Peter Hunt

In Honor of Bruce A. Schick ’63
Juliet and Peter O. Lane ’63

In Memory of Frank V. Sherwood ’68
Douglas K. Staiger ’68

In Memory of fellow PSC grad who passed away this year
Robert A. Marker ’68

In Memory of Phelps Smith
Ellen M. Eshchuk ’75
Daniel Stevener
Kevin J. Williams ’83

In Honor of Susan Sweeney
F. Raymond Agnew

In Honor of Barry S. Tindall ‘63
Juliet and Peter O. Lane ’63

In Memory of Stirling Tomkins Jr.
Katherine and James A. Allen ’78

In Memory of Christopher K. Tuttle ’00
Mary and Dan McLean
Heather A. (Peckham ’99) Tuttle
Woodruff L. Tuttle

In Memory of Betsy VanDusen
Claire S. and Patrick J. Clelland

In Honor of Joan H. Weill
Roger Eiss

In Honor of Katharine and Curtis Welling
Liz Thorndike