Jump-Start Your Students' Careers

Step 1: Preliminary Discussions

Understand the program.

Step 2: Agree on the Groundwork
  • Scholarship amounts & employer requirements
  • Timeline from the launch event thru enrollment & beyond
  • The campus visit & workplace visit
  • After enrollment: Academic and Career Success Center
Step 3: Become A Partner With Us

Meet with Paul Smith’s College and the employer partner who will be funding the scholarship for your students.

Step 4: Select Candidates For The Pipeline Scholarships

The employer is funding several scholarships. Please assess and select the students that you think would achieve the greatest success in the field and in training for that at Paul smith’s College.

Step 5: Prep Your Candidates

Help your students prepare & attend their dinner interview with the scholarship donor and Paul Smith’s advancement and admissions officers. Select the chaperone to attend the dinner with your students.

Step 7: Help Students Apply

… be sure to make your deposit by May 1.

Step 7: Convey The Offer

As soon as your students are selected, we will notify you. Please help them through the acceptance process. Contact the admissions office for help as needed.

Step 8: The Campus Visit

Coordinate with us to attend a Paul Smith’s College campus tour for your prospective Pipeline Scholars.

First Day of College! Welcome & Success Plan Development
Students selected to the program receive a formal Welcome Letter from our Center for Academic & Career Success. Once students arrive on campus, this team will help them draft a Success Plan to share with you for review. This includes the proposed work/study schedule for the coming year or years.

Making Progress Through College And Toward Their Career
The Center for Academic & Career Success will serve as the academic liaison for your students with the employer pipeline partner and the college faculty. Your students will have a success advisor to help them develop the necessary skills to get the final offer and to be successful upon graduation. After graduation the pipeline partner will make the final selection and hiring decision.

Click here for a print-friendly version of the High School Counselor Checklist.


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Pipeline Scholars – Profiles in Productivity

Selena Hay ’19 interns with The Palm Restaurant in NYC.