Library and IT Announcements

To: Paul Smith’s College faculty and staff

Delivered: August 11, 2020

We’ve all been working hard this summer to get ready for students. I’ve valued the time I’ve spent working with you all as we develop creative ways to continue to care for our community, keeping PSC a safe and healthy place to work and learn. I wanted to publicly thank my IT and Library teams as well as other campus departments that have been working tremendously hard to get us ramped up for the fall. Here are some updates on library and technology services that will go in place this fall.:

Library Services (more details on our FAQ page):

  • Hours and Opening Dates
    • The library will officially open on Tuesday, August 18 at 7:30am. We wanted to open a bit earlier but carpet cleaning and space preparations are running us on a tight schedule.
    • Our Fall hours are similar to prior semesters – M-Th 730am-10pm, F 730am-5pm, Sat 1pm-5pm, Sun 2pm-10pm
    • Saturday 1-2pm and Sunday 2-3pm will be reserved for patrons with high risk factors. We kindly ask that others avoid the library during this time.
  • Circulation
    • The library will  continue to circulate physical materials including books, laptops, electronics, etc. but we will be closing the book stacks from general browsing. Books can be acquired by request.
    • Paper materials will be quarantined for 4 days when they are returned – the length of time COVID-19 survives on those kinds of surfaces.
    • Small electronics will be sanitized via chemical of UV light before recirculating.
    • Physical newspapers will be removed from the front desk area and will be made available on special request only. We have an extensive electronic newspaper collection and expect most materials will remain accessible that way.
    • The archives will continue to be available by appointment only and all used materials will be quarantined for 4 days.
    • Most laptops (13) will now have a 1 week checkout. Two laptop will be available for 3-day checkouts.
  • Course Reserves:
    • Course reserves will not be offered in the traditional physical format. We will be pursuing electronic reserves for faculty who need this option and will offer faculty the following 2 options for scanning:
      • Make a request of us to scan 1 chapter (10% of book) of your assigned text on Reserve (email We ask that faculty be patient with us in the first weeks of the semester as we work through these new workflows. We anticipate scanning requests to take 1-3 days to complete. Faculty will receive a pdf scan of the chapter.
      • Check out their book to scan themselves. We can help you to learn to use the KIC scanner if you would like assistance.
  • Reference
    • Reference services will be delivered online and in-person with reference focused on online services. Librarians can meet with students in person at a designated space with 6 feet between the student and the librarian.
    • Patrons can make appointments to meet with librarians via Starfish.
  • Instruction
    • If instruction is permitted in classroom spaces, face-to-face instruction will resume. Otherwise, instruction services will be delivered online via Zoom/Canvas.
    • Contact Mackenzie Davison ( our new Student Success Librarian for instruction appointments – Welcome Mackenzie!
  • Space
    • As per the college’s safety protocols, masks will be required by all patrons in the building.
    • We will be closing the book stacks from general browsing. Books can be acquired by request.
    • Sanitation stations and paper rolls are set up around the library for users to use when working at tables
    • All computers will have a mini cleaning station to encourage users to keep their computer spaces clean and safe for them and others.
    • We have placed directional markers and social distancing signage throughout the building.
    • We have removed chairs and distributed furniture to encourage social distancing.
    • No food, just beverages (encourages mask usage).
    • The library will provide “contactless” book pickup services for all patrons and direct mailbox delivery for faculty.
    • PPE has been installed around the service desks
  • eBooks
    • The library has an extensive eBook collection – over 200,000 titles. Please contact us if you wish to find materials to help support your classes or find eBooks or Audiobooks for pleasure reading.
    • We are favoring the purchase of eBooks when the availability, licensing, and pricing options make the most sense to do so. Need a book? Let us know.
  • Safety
    • The Library asks that faculty consider having students submit all their assignment electronically through Canvas. This will help reduce waste and reduce traffic at one of the most busy areas in the library – the printers. Library printers work hard, printing over 350,000 pages/year – reducing that would help.

Technology Services:

  • Common Issues:
    • Email or call 518-327-6465 for help.
    • Can’t connect to secure wifi? This this: Settings -> Network & Internet -> WIFI (Found on left side bar) -> Show available networks -> Right Mouse Click on (PSC WIFI Secure 5G) -> Forget this network -> Then reconnect and sign in using your Paul Smiths account.
  • Equipment
    • Faculty can pick up an optional webcam and a USB extension cord in the faculty office if you need them.
  • Trainings
    • Faculty have been provided with multiple training opportunities throughout the summer. Submit all your Canvas and teaching technology questions to the IT Help Desk at and schedule a time for some one on one support prior to your classes starting this fall.
    • Trainings over the summer are available on the Canvas Faculty Learning Center page.
  • Ed Tech and Podium Computers
    • To help reduce the need for IT help in classrooms when you bring your electronic peripherals (webcams, document cameras, etc.) faculty have been made computer administrators on podium computers allowing you to install/edit software. We will reimage computers that have security problems so please do not save files to the podium computers that you may need in the future.
  • Protection
    • We ordered silicone keyboard covers and mouse covers that will likely arrive after classes begin – we are using Saran Wrap Press-N-Seal temporarily. This will allow you to clean your keyboard/mice with cleaning supplies in the classroom – please do so before and after use. Same with copiers/printers.
    • Please let us know when any of these items need to be replaced.

Feel free to send any questions to or (IT) and our teams will work hard to respond. These are strange times, but our hope is that we are able to come together as a campus and show one another that we care for our community – this will require patience, understanding, and compassion. I look forward to doing great things with you all this fall.


Mike Beccaria


Director of Library and Technology Services

Paul Smith’s College

7833 New York 30
Paul Smiths, NY 12970


Key Contacts

Campus Safety
Holly Parker, Director
(518) 327-6300

COVID Coordinator
Teresa Grosskopf
(518) 327-6451