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When the summer rains come to the Adirondacks, the college’s forested lands erupt with the wonderful beauty of multi-colored mushrooms!

Summer Course Descriptions

Summer 2018 – 2 week intensive format

INT 199 Adirondack Field Mycology  July 9 – 20, 8am – 12 noon; Monday – Friday

The Adirondack region of New York State is home to one of the most bountiful, beautiful and beneficial fungal ecozones on the planet. This field-based exploration of Adirondack fungi will include: species identification in the context of the ecology of place (macro and micro-habitats), fungal biodiversity in the region, fungal ecology, myco-taxonomy, fungi reproduction and evolution, and mycophagy and the local food movement. Field trips will be conducted in the Adirondack region along with one comparative identification foray in the St. Lawrence or Lake Champlain Valley.

Instructors: Sue Van Hook, Mycology Consultant – Ecovative Design; Susan Hopkins, Mycology Educator, PSC; Hannah Huber, Graduate Candidate – Applied Mycology & Ecological Restoration


The fall fungi of the Adirondacks is even more numerous and diverse than in the summer time, which is why autumn is the favorite season for most mushroom lovers. So in keeping with the vastness of the kingdom of fungi, the fall classes and campus events explore the diversity, depth and practical applications of this awe-inspiring fantastic field.

Fall Course Descriptions

Fall 2018 – courses are offered online and for resident students a hybrid format utilizes the Mycology Education Center and trails at the VIC on Friday afternoon for 1.5 hours.

SUS 299 Introduction to the Art & Science of Mycology

Mycology is the scientific study of fungi – a diverse kingdom consisting of over 5 million individual species, only 110,000 of which have been identified and taxonomically classified.  This course consists of two major parts.  The first “science” part will focus on basic terminology, taxonomy, species identification, reproduction and evolution, ecology, epigenetics, etc. The second part will focus on the artistic applications of the field – culinary, the art of cultivation, mushroom crafts, and related creative uses of fungi and mushrooms. Liberal Arts & Science

Instructors: Sue Van Hook, Mycology Consultant – Ecovative Design; Susan Hopkins, Mycology Educator, PSC; Hannah Huber, Graduate student – Applied Mycology & Ecological Restoration

SUS 399 Myco-Medicinals for Holistic Health

This applied mycology course will examine the role of medicinal mushrooms in restoring and enhancing human health.  Students will learn to identify, prepare, cultivate and process mushrooms that possess health-enhancing properties.  An investigation of the historical uses of mushrooms across cultures and review of modern scientific studies will be combined with an integrative medicine paradigm to include the role that antioxidants contribute to health. SUS 299 Intro. to the Art and Science of Mycology (co-requisite)

Instructors: Erica Sharpe, Postdoctoral Research Fellow – National University of Natural Medicine; Cheryl Joyce, PSC Professor of Chemistry


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