Open the door to a broad range of careers with a bachelor’s (B.S.) degree in Neuroscience from Paul Smith’s College.

Interested in cutting-edge realm the human brain and nervous system? Developed with assistance from the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative, the neuroscience program at Paul Smith’s College provides  coursework in biology, psychology, and a wide array of electives ranging from genetics to psychopharmacology.

Neuroscientists examine not only how the brain works, but how it can sometimes malfunction and be changed. From working in a laboratory to mental and physical health fields, the program will open doors to exciting careers or continued graduate education in areas such as psychology.

With a growing focus on mental health, neuroscience is a critical and highly rewarding field that will keep us at the forefront of how to support health and well-being.

Students not only learn about psychology, but also the neurobiological reasons why people experience the world in the ways that they do. Through hands-on, experiential education, students learn ‘the how and the why’ behind human thoughts, behaviors, emotions and social interactions.
Vance Jackson

Neuroscience Program Director, Paul Smith's College

Key Facts
  • B.S. degree
  • 120 credit hours (minimum) required
Career Options
  • Lab technician
  • Health educator
  • Technical writer
  • Law enforcement
  • Graduate study in neuroscience, social work, and medical fields
  • Counseling or therapeutic roles
Courses & Objectives
Sample courses:

  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Chemistry
  • Social research
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Clinical neuropathy

Hybrid program:

  • Developed in conjunction with the Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges Consortium, a national consortium of private colleges
  • The LCMC partnership allows students to earn PSC credit toward job-focused degree programs
  • Courses are designed by top academics, reviewed by industry leaders, and taught by qualified faculty from other colleges within the consortium

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