Paul Smith’s College unveils neuroscience, digital marketing programs

Mar 30, 2021 | News

New majors provide tracks to high-demand bachelor’s of science degrees

Paul Smith’s College has announced two new bachelor’s of science degree programs, neuroscience and digital marketing, both accepting students this coming fall.

The programs were developed in conjunction with the Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges Consortium (LCMC), a collective of some 70 collegiate institutions working to expand educational offerings while keeping education affordable.

Developed with assistance from the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative, the neuroscience program provides a broad range of career options through coursework in biology, psychology, and a wide array of electives ranging from genetics to psychopharmacology.

Contributors to the curriculum include faculty from the Yale School of Medicine and universities of Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Washington.

“Students not only learn about psychology, but also the neurobiological reasons why people experience the world in the ways that they do,” said Vance Jackson, neuroscience program director at Paul Smith’s. “Through hands-on, experiential education, students learn ‘the how and the why’ behind human thoughts, behaviors, emotions and social interactions.”

While some students may use the degree as a jump-off point for graduate education, others may pursue careers in both the mental and physical health professions. Neuroscientists’ salaries may exceed $100,000 and job growth in the field is trending upwards of 200 percent.

Digital marketing graduates can also expect strong median salaries in a rapidly expanding industry. Digital marketing professionals leverage tools such as social media, email and other online services to promote their employers or clients.

Over half of all marketing spending has gone digital, a trend certain to continue as private, nonprofit and governmental organizations navigate ways to reach both wide and targeted audiences. The field is also a welcoming one to digital marketing entrepreneurs freelancing in virtually any industry.

Public relations, search engine optimization strategists and brand consultants make up just a sliver of current and future digital marketers in the United States and abroad.

“For students seeking a creative pursuit that can offer flexibility in when they work, where they live, and how they spend their free time, a career in digital marketing might be the perfect choice,” said Joe Conto, chair of the college’s business and hospitality department.

Using an affordable, hybrid model, students in either program will take about 90 percent of courses on campus and several additional courses online, blending traditional in-person instruction with remote learning not unlike a growing number of jobs. Additionally, Paul Smith’s Adirondack location affords living, learning and working in both rural areas and vibrant communities such as nearby Lake Placid, two-time host of the Winter Olympic Games.

While both neuroscience and digital marketing compliment established Paul Smith’s programs such as biology, psychology and communication, the LCMC approach gives students access to a wider variety of courses specific to the field of study. Since the fall of 2020, students have been able to benefit from the college’s “Graduation Guarantee,” a program that allows those who do not graduate within four years to complete their required coursework with no additional tuition cost.

To learn more about neuroscience and digital marketing at Paul Smith’s, contact the admissions office at (888) 873-6570 or

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