Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend brought with it clear skies and warm air, continuing a stretch that felt more like mid-July than the early days of September.

After a two-week stretch that saw the raising of the final two yurts and even a High Peak climb, it seemed a perfect time to take a break from the physical work for a welcoming potluck right on Osgood Pond.

Faculty and friends made the trip out, sharing fresh cantaloupe, apples, rice and beans, and a pixie berry pie with its fruit ingredients sourced just a dozen feet away.

With supper coming to an end and dusk fast approaching, the evening turned from a relaxing dinner to something of a quicker pace: a game of capture the flag. A handful of students from campus joined in, and before long, an eight-on-eight backcountry battle carried on for well over an hour until the “campus” team, its prison crowded with all but two from the “Osgood” squad, took the final flag.